Tips for preventing mold in storage units

Importance of available, self-storage facilities are often overlooked. They are, after all, only outdoor garages, right? No! They are so much more. They are places to store all of your valuables for any kind of business or private use. These are vaults, garages, basements, and offices all at the same time, and their existence provides secure storage for the modern age. However, their ever-frequent use means that some problems have arisen, and chief among those being how to preventing mold in storage units.

Importance of preventing mold in storage units

But why is this chief among the problems? Isn’t it more important for your things in warehouse Riyadh to be safe from such threats as thieves? Aren’t the maleficent wills of would-be-burglars a more pressing matter? No. They are not. All reputable providers of warehouses and storage units will have security measures in place and forms of reimbursements from such misfortunes. However, preventing mold in storage units means dealing with a much more discrete treat to your valuable possessions.

preventing mold in storage units
Preventing mold in storage units starts with humidity.

Be it that you are storing valuable documents, furniture, antiques, precious possessions, cars, books… all will be damaged by mold. It will not come alone. Humidity which suits it will also corrode metal and speed up the decay of pages of books. You will find your storage to be not a safe vault, but a dying place for your possessions if you don’t turn your attention to preventing mold in storage units immediately! 

It all begins with the storage facility

First and foremost, you ought to buy the right storage unit. Storage units should provide a few things to be acceptable. Four are the most important.

  • Room– you want your storage unit to have a clean space and a vast amount of room, enough to fill your needs without being full to the brim.
  • Pest-free – mold will not be your greatest concern if bugs and rats chip away at your furniture and home appliances cables…
  • Security – already noted before.
  • Climate-controlled units – your best tool in preventing mold in storage units.

Climate-controlled units should have moisture-control features. Use these to your advantage. There are optimal levels of humidity to be achieved (we will address this in more detail later) and these tools can help you achieve it. So before you take that warehouse in Saudi Arabia, check for all of these, so you know you picked the right choice!

Items themselves

That is where the final defense line begins, but also the most important one. If the items are properly stored, there is no way for mold in storage, present for any reason, to damage them.

Store your items properly

First and foremost, you have to be sure that, in this war against the mold, your items are not working against you. Any item not properly dried can serve as a catalyst for spreading mold infestation. In preventing mold in storage units, 100% dried stored possessions are your most valuable allies. 

Also, how you store them is important. Never store your belongings on the floor! That only invites trouble. You are better served by using such things as pallet racking Saudi Arabia. They will make sure none of your possession is just lying around.

Check regularly

Now, what we will recommend here often does not come cheap, but it is a necessity! Like a human body, any structure needs to be maintained and checked, not by the doctors but by the experts in various fields of (in this case storage) maintenance. Therefore you have to hire somebody to check your levels of humidity.

Mold, like all fungus, comes of moisture – humidity. A proper level of humidity should not exceed 50%, or fall under 30%. If it should pass this mark, you could find that mold is beginning to appear. There are two ways to check this reliably. First is to hire professionals. The same way you would hire local movers Saudi Arabia for your local move, you should employ humidity control Saudi Arabia for your needs in this department! These are trained (and well paid) professionals that will access the situation in your storage unit in no time!

If you do not want to do this and require a more permanent solution. Or maybe you simply like doing things by yourself… Try installing a humidity monitor. Unfortunately, in this too you will need professionals, but their paid services are of need only in the installing process, not in reading the monitor, necessarily

Use these two methods to monitor the situation in your storage unit. Should the humidity rise above acceptable levels, be sure to try to find any mold and deal with it by calling professional mold removers or (in lighter cases) use your own tools in preventing mold in storage units (though always consult on what kind of mold you are dealing with).

Inspect for any leaks

Leaks are the most obvious way the humidity in your storage unit can rise to unacceptable levels. You need to be of keen sight and patience when inspecting for leaks, and you ought to do it often.

Check for leaks!

If you picked a respectable, suitable storage unit, you would probably face no problems with leaks what-so-ever, but be aware. Do inspections on occasion anyway. Leaks are detrimental to any storage units and all the content they hold inside them.

Suitable defense?

Finally, as words of conclusion in this manual for preventing mold in storage units, we turned to defenses. You should establish barriers (vapor barriers) to separate compartments and make mold unable to move in. Desiccant to battle humidity and even charcoal can all be used as well.

However, prevention is the best tool in your box. Be prepared. Store your items properly, pick right storage, and inspect it regularly and you will have no problems with mold what-so-ever. And, even if you do, by some unlikely misfortunes, you will find that dealing with mold that is discovered early is a lot easier than after it has been allowed to grow under neglect.

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