Moving to Saudi Arabia with a pet

Moving to Saudi Arabia with a pet could be seriously tricky. You should follow legislation, but also control your emotions. Although there are logistic companies in Bahrain that could help you with first, you have not nearly finished the job. There are essential things you should know about.

  • There is a long list of documents that you should prepare, but do not afraid of that, most of the things you should find on your veterinarian;
  • The health of your pet is essential, so check it before leaving;
  • Moving to Saudi Arabia with a pet presumes a long period of adaptation, so prepare appropriately for that.

When you prepare everything, you still should organize the transportation of your pet. However, some companies know about your problems. They will help in whatever you need and answer every question.

A put in a blanket
Make sure that your pet feels comfortable when moving

Regulations you should know for moving to Saudi Arabia with a pet

The law is strict and presumes that you have prepared the documentation for moving correctly. Not only that, you should know if your pet has rabies. You also should follow the vaccine calendar and other regulations.

You should have a microchip

As in every other country, your pet should have a chip when moving to Saudi Arabia. It should have 15 digits and being non-encrypted. Otherwise, freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia will nicely reject to transport your pet.

Inform about vaccination

The first that your pet should be protected is for rabies. Although logistic companies in Riyadh always warn their clients, sometimes they try to avoid this rule. You should vaccine your pet at least 30 days before traveling.

A small dog
Before moving, check your pet for diseases

You should check the health before moving to Saudi Arabia with a pet

Your pet looks beautiful, and nobody can presume that it has a severe disease. Unfortunately, there are situations when even the most dedicated owner cannot predict future days. There are microorganisms that your pet can carry in the blood and infect other pets later. For those cases, you should check the health of the pet properly.

Check for rabies

Although you will get a vaccine, you should have a paper that your pet does not have a disease at first. However, for relocation to Saudi Arabia, you do not need to have this paper. The only you need is a certificate and a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia.

There are special warnings before moving to Saudi Arabia with a pet

Even when you have done everything, there are unique situations that you should pay attention to. In some cases, you should inform about airports where you can land with the pet, for example.

A woman and a dog
You will not be able to land on every airport with a pet

Pay attention to airports

You can land with your pet only at the airport in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. They also have a veterinarian who will check the papers and health of your pet. It is highly essential to follow this rule.

Pay attention to banned breeds and wild animals

There is a long list of races that Saudi Arabia does not allow in their country. Also, check regulations about wild animals and unique species if you have one. Otherwise, your moving to Saudi Arabia with a pet could end with prison.

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