New Tech for Reducing LTL Freight Emissions

New tech for reducing LTL freight emissions is an integral part of green transporting and trading. All ton-mile freight trucks in the US emit 161.8 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2). Scientists consider the transportation sector a significant contributor to CO2 gas, increasing greenhouse gases. Professional shipping and logistics companies know about the greenhouse effect and how it is responsible for global warming and climate change.

New tech for reducing LTL freight emissions

The current highest CO2 emissions we have ever had in a million years are mainly due to human activity. Although we know all primary greenhouse gasses contribute to the greenhouse effect, humans are the most significant pollutants on Earth. Companies must do something to stop this high CO2 emission.

A cargo ship.
New tech for reducing LTL freight emissions is functional and useful.

Electric vehicle

The shipping company can use special vehicles powered by alternative fuels, like electricity. The company’s carbon footprint can be reduced by using electric freight trucks and various delivery and logistics services. Transport companies in Riyadh will switch to electric freight trucks powered by rechargeable batteries to have nil tailpipe emissions. More freight companies will move to sustainable transportation with electric trucks. A growing number of companies working to build electric vehicles promise a greener future.

Aerodynamic design

Better aerodynamic designs can reduce carbon emissions. These designs enable objects to go through the air with less resistance. Logistics companies in the Middle East will cooperate only with the companies that reconsider the current plans. They redesigned their trucks to improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions. For instance, you can reduce engine fuel consumption thanks to tires that minimize resistance and make movement smoother.

Green solutions are critical

These measures to curb global warming by reducing the emission of CO2 and greenhouse gasses call for action. A high level of greenhouse gasses is toxic and linked to adverse economic, environmental, and social effects.

Using green technology

A new patented concept that captures a truck’s CO2 emissions spreading directly from the exhaust system. This concept will reduce nearly 90% of a truck’s CO2 emissions, as they think. Custom clearance Saudi Arabia works with new vehicles, making transporting with them more accessible. This technology cools and separates water from the gasses and then down gasses in the exhaust pipes.

  • By isolating CO2, it extracts and turns into a liquid stored in containers fitted on the truck’s roof which is a way of using new tech for reducing LTL freight emissions.
  • It remains on the roof until it reaches a service station which should convert it into regular fuel and use only green energy for that.
  • On the other hand, carbon capture works with older trucks and vehicles that use conventional fuel and neutralize emissions.
A huge cargo ship with new tech for reducing LTL freight emissions.
Technology will help with many areas of shipping.

Optimization software

Truck routing systems reduce the time spent on long-haul journeys. To reduce carbon emissions and other air pollutants, vehicles must have low fuel consumption. By determining the shortest route, a truck can minimize last-mile inefficiencies. For that purpose, companies use sophisticated software made for these purposes. It is the way for new tech for reducing LTL freight emissions.

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