Packing a household for relocation to Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a land of friendly locals, warm climate, and a plethora of business opportunities. Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia offers many great cities to choose from, like Riyadh, Mecca, Jeddah, and Medina. Riyadh is the capital of the country and its most populous city. It is also a financial, economic, and cultural powerhouse. Relocating to Saudi Arabia could present a challenge for some people because of its unique climate and culture. Furthermore, packing a household for relocation to Saudi Arabia could prove to be a difficult task, because this is a long-distance international move. One way to make things a bit easier is to hire movers and packers in Saudi Arabia that will make the whole process a lot easier and less stressful. But before you do that let’s see how can you pack your household on your own. Stay tuned.

Packing a household for relocation to Saudi Arabia requires a timely start

Starting early is a prerequisite for a successful relocation. Give yourself enough time for the packing process and to check everything twice. Also, if you start preparing for the move on time, you will have better chances to find reliable moving companies like Four Winds Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, if you start planning early you will have more time to fix mistakes that you might make. Another basic trick is to create a moving plan. A moving plan should include everything important regarding your move. Write down all dates, moving costs, and important telephone numbers. Also, don’t forget to make a moving inventory. A moving inventory is a list of belongings that you are planning to transport to the new address. These documents will make planning easier and the packing process more efficient.

Picture of wall clock. Start on time when packing a household for relocation to Saudi Arabia
If you wish to pack efficiently and without problems, you should start packing on time.

Packing a household for relocation to Saudi Arabia is easier if you sort out your belongings

Before you start packing your belongings for an international move you should decide what are you taking with you. Packing items that are a surplus to requirements is just a waste of time. And this is the perfect time to choose what you actually need and what should be tossed into the garbage. Why would you bring some old junk to your new home? Furthermore, by decluttering your home you might be able to save money. You are now probably wondering how is that even related? Well, the price for every move is composed of two main factors: The distance of the move and the total weight of the shipment. In other words, the less stuff you move, the lower your moving expenses will be. All things considered, don’t waste any more time and sell, donate, or simply throw out everything that you don’t need.

Picture of a girl sorting out clothes
If you wish to speed up the packing process you should first sort out your belongings

Next step: Get some moving supplies and label the boxes

Now when you have sorted out your belongings it’s time to start packing. But before you can do that, you must first get some quality moving supplies. So, what to get?

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Scissors
  • Marker pens
  • Label stickers
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape

This is essentially everything you need and you can find it at your local DIY store. One of the oldest tricks from the book when it comes to moving is labeling your boxes. Use that black marker you just bought to write the contents of each box. For example, “Books” or “Toys”. Also, use a color sticker or marker to mark boxes by rooms. Put green for kitchen, blue for living room and so on. Smart labeling systems will greatly lower the amount of time needed for the unpacking process, and you will also eliminate the chances of leaving something behind. Don’t forget to label the boxes containing glasses, plates, and electronic devices as “Fragile”. Your moving crew will treat these boxes with extra care.

Picture of cardboard boxes in the living room
Before you start packing a household for relocation to Saudi Arabia you should get some moving supplies

Consider hiring professionals when packing a household for relocation to Saudi Arabia

Don’t forget that relocation is a physically-demanding process that involves a lot of heavy lifting. If you believe that you are not capable to pack heavy pieces of furniture like you should contact professional packing companies in Saudi Arabia. Getting professional assistance is also a great option if you don’t have enough time to pack on your own. Furthermore, experienced packers have all the necessary tools to pack various items. Least, but not last hiring professionals to do the job for you gives you more time to concentrate on other important aspects of the relocation process. You will be now free to learn more about your new neighborhood, prepare your kids for the move, or sort out important relocation-related documents. You will be spending more money on moving services, but you will get much more in return.

Additional packing tips

  • Pack an essentials bag. Considering the fact that you will probably have to spend a night in a hotel you should prepare a bag with basic items. Inside of it must be all the important documents and stuff you need every day like personal hygiene products and spare clothes. This bag should cover your needs for the first few days when you arrive and until you fully unpack. You can use your suitcase for this purpose.
  • Don’t pack food. You are probably aware of this, but it doesn’t hurt to point out just in case. It is generally considered a bad idea to pack and transport stuff that is prone to spilling, and that has an expiry date. Why would you increase your moving expenses and risk unfortunate events when you can simply buy those items when you arrive?

All things considered, packing a household for relocation to Saudi Arabia is a sensitive task that requires careful planning and good organization. We wish you good luck and we hope that you will enjoy your new country.

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