Packing and storing products before shipping

Products before shipping must be pack and store correctly. Improper packaging can cause damage to your products, so it is important to follow the following packaging tips. The products must be sufficiently padded to withstand shocks and compression. Contact Four Winds Saudi Arabia if you have any additional questions. They will be happy to help you.

Shipping starts with the right packaging 

Quickly wrapping an item in a newspaper or putting it in a cardboard box lined with some filling material is everything but without packaging. In warehouses, packages cross different belts, tilt, and move. Falls often happen. Therefore, the basic rule for packaging is to choose the material in such a way that the contents of the package survive a drop from a height of 80 centimeters without damage. For this reason, it is essential that you pack and protect your products well. 

Man taping box which contains products before shipping
Products before shipping need to be properly packed!

Improper packing of products before shipping

The right packaging is of immense importance when shipping to Saudi Arabia. Many people simply use boxes from the supermarket, which is not a good idea. They are definitely not suitable for heavy objects and bulky goods. Improper packaging can lead to the following risks: 

  • Damage to the products before shipping.
  • Delay in transport.
  • Manipulation of your goods.
  • Automatic rejection of any claim for damages.
  • Total loss of the goods and the consequent disposal of the goods.

The outer packaging and inner packaging of products before shipping

Only use new shipping cartons of high quality. Also, use double-wall shipping cartons with sufficient hardness. You also need to use shipping cartons that are appropriate for the weight, size, and sensitivity of the goods. Pack sensitive items with special care such as glass, fragile, etc.. The inner packaging is very important because it protects your goods from falling and compression during transport, and also helps to maintain the shape of the goods as it acts as a buffer. 

Documentation for shipping

Attach the shipping labels to the box in a clearly visible position. The driver must be able to scan the shipping label without problems when collecting the goods. Also, remove any old shipping labels from the box. Ask shipping and logistics companies which is the best way to label your boxes.

Advice from Four Winds Saudi Arabia for fragile goods 

You can send fragile goods, but you must pay close attention to the correct and sufficient packaging. Goods are transported by automated machines and conveyor belts without human supervision. The goods must therefore withstand a fall. You should always use double-wall shipping cartons for fragile goods. The inner packaging should be doubled and the outer packaging should be reinforced to avoid crushing under the weight of stackable packages. To sum up, the goods must be appropriately stacked within the packaging to ensure adequate protection

Package box fragile wood
Pack sensitive products with special care to avoid damage!

We hope we helped you by showing you the best way to pack products before shipping. Feel free to contact the logistics companies in Saudi Arabia if you need any kind of help.

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