Packing musical instruments – tips and tricks

Packing musical instruments for moving is a very demanding job in most cases. Depending on the material that they have used to make the instruments, you might be in for a real challenge when preparing them for shipping. Some instruments are rare, expensive, or antique. Unfortunately, most of them are quite costly, in addition to being relevant to their owners. Whatever the material for making the instrument is, you should pay attention to a few things.

  • If you are planning to move to Saudi Arabia, you should know that they have extremely high temperatures and a specific climate. Both of these factors can damage musical instruments;
  • Damages won’t occur due to high temperatures only– you can quickly damage an instrument if you have not packed it correctly. Thankfully, there are numerous logistics companies in Saudi Arabia that can help you;
  • Maybe packing musical instruments is not that hard as preparing documentation for the instrument that has higher value;
  • For many musical instruments, you will need a unique tool when packing, and only professional have them;
  • It is essential to label boxes and packages where musical instruments are. In some cases, airport employees can damage instrument if they do not know what is inside.

When you prepare for all of the above, you can pack musical instruments easily. However, make sure that you have prepared for a particular type of musical instruments. Not every instrument is packed the same way. In case you have skip classes in high school, you have three types of instruments: woodwind, string instruments, and drums. For every one of them, you should have special preparation and the right packing tools.

Packing musical instruments like flute on the photos is hard but important
Some musical instruments have very fragile parts

Brass and woodwind instruments

For most of them, it is vital to know that they could be large. Those instruments have parts that could be very sensitive, too. So, when packing a musical instrument for this list, you should know how to protect them adequately. Luckily, those are instruments that you can easily disassemble, which allow you to protect them separately.

Take them apart

As you will do whenever you have to pack a large item, you will disassemble first. If you have an instrument that takes a lot of space, the best is to put them in parts. If the instrument is too large, consider using a warehouse in Saudi Arabia until you find a place for living. It will protect you from delaying and extra costs.

Put in a hard case

Like you will do with items made of sensitive materials, packing musical instruments presumes hard boxes and cases. Make sure that you have informed cargo transportation before moving. They will know how and where to pack your box properly.

Seal the box

Moving companies in Jeddah could surely help you with packing and moving. They have specialized boxes and packages for every type of items. However, you should take responsibility for packing, too. It is imperative to close and secure the box when moving. Use special hard tapes for that or even extra package.

Packing musical instruments is not that hard as packing the string instruments

It is hard to disassemble these instruments, but you can protect them, too. The most important is to keep the string protected and pay attention to the neck of the instrument. It is the part when strings are connected to. However, packing musical instruments does not finish with removing the strings. You should know how to protect the wooden and metal parts of the instruments, too.

Loosen the strings

The most important for these instruments is to protect the strings. They play music thanks to the tension of the strings. It could cause damaging of the instruments, though. So, the first thing is to loosen the strings.

Pack the rest of the instrument

If it is possible, remove the neck of the instrument. Also, turnkeys parallel with the headstocks. It will protect it during moving. Some people disassemble the whole instruments on the smallest parts. You can do it, too, but make sure that you know how to put all back after moving.

A guitar
For string instruments, it is crucial to protect strings from harm.

Protect pieces from damaging

Although packed in large boxes, you can easily find an instrument with scratches or severe damage after moving. For those reasons, you should protect pieces that are already in the boxes. Use Styrofoam or even shredded paper for that purpose. Also, you can use blankets or pillows and put between the instrument and the box.

Packing musical instruments like drums

Packing drums should be easy. At least if those are small. However, if you have large drums or those that represent a subject with antique value, you are in trouble. Not only that you should protect the top of the drum, but also artistic work on the sides of them. It worth for drums where African perform tribal music, for example.

Find extra-large box

Professionals recommend finding extra-large boxes for drums. They say that box should be at least 12-14 inches larger than the instrument itself. Of course, it is evident that the box must be hard and durable, and you should tape it and protect from damage. In case that it is possible, use professional boxes for drums.

Although robust and large, drums can damage, too

Protect the bottom of the box

Like in every other case, when you have heavy items in the box, they can break through the bottom. To prevent those things, you should protect the bottom of the boxes carefully. The best is to use the second layer of the card box or even a piece of the wood. Do not forget to tape it. Also, you should put soft pieces below the instrument, like blankets, to protect from scratches.

Pack tension rods separately

It is quite apparent why is this so important. Tension rods could damage the top of the drum when moving. You should remove them and pack separately. The best is to use a box or hard cardboard. However, you may have trouble when reassembling drums after moving. You should consider professionals how tight to screw. Packing musical instruments does not end with moving, but with putting all back after it.

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