Packing to move overseas: International packing list & tips

It’s no secret that moving from one place to the other can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re getting ready to move overseas. However, having mixed feelings about the move is completely normal. But hey, this emotional rollercoaster will disappear as soon as you plan your move. This is exactly why you should focus on organizing and planning your move! We wanted to help you out and that’s why we’ve prepared some useful tips for packing to move overseas. Read on to learn more!

Start packing ahead of time

Whether you’re moving just a few blocks away or you’re moving overseas, it’s necessary to start packing for it on time. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than packing the day before the big move! However, we understand that you are busy and have a lot of things on your mind. Because of these and other reasons, you might not be able to start packing on time. But, fear not – there’s a simple solution to this problem! All you have to do is hire one of the reliable packaging companies in Saudi Arabia and the moving pros will pack everything you own for you. Easy-peasy!

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Time management is very important when moving overseas

Consider decluttering before packing to move overseas

Let’s face it – you’re moving overseas… so, bringing everything you own to your new distant home is impossible! Plus, there are probably so many items in your home that you haven’t been using for a while now. This is why you should consider getting rid of these and other pieces that you don’t use anymore. By “getting rid of” we don’t mean you should just throw these stuff away. There are better options! If the item you don’t need or don’t use anymore isn’t damaged, pick one of the charities based in Saudi Arabia and donate it! Also, you can even sell some of your stuff online or, if your schedule is flexible enough, you can organize a yard sale. The choice is yours!

Learn the most important tips for packing to move overseas

Packing to move overseas is easier when following some rules
In order to safely pack your precious belongings for the move, you’ll have to follow some rules

Here are the most important packing tips and rules you’ll need to follow in order to have a successful relocation:

  • Gather packing materials ahead of time. 
  • Use moving boxes of different sizes.
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in your moving boxes and fill the gaps with packing paper or with your old clothes.
  • Disassemble big furniture before moving it.
  • Learn the proper lifting technique to avoid moving injuries. 
  • Stack lighter boxes on top of the heavier ones to avoid crushing them. 
  • Label every box, especially those that contain fragile items.

Stick to the moving schedule

Last but not least, is to stick to your moving schedule. If you’ve hired cargo companies in Dammam to transport your stuff, you’ll need to make sure everything is ready for them to receive and sign the package. This is why it’s important to pack in advance and make sure you’ve taken care of every pre-move task before the big move. Therefore, stick to the moving schedule and you’ll have no problems with packing to move overseas! 

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