Pallet Shipping Rates in Jeddah

If you are unsure about pallet shipping rates in Jeddah, you should inform them before organizing shipping. You would surprise how effective and protective this model of shipping is. If you work with professionals, you will be sure that all items will come to your place safely. Also, ensure that you get the best company for your job and cooperate with professionals with experience. The most professional movers in Jeddah know for it, and you can rely on their help when organizing shipping. But firstly, learn more about pallet racking.

What is pallet racking?

Using pallets when shipping large items is the most common type of packing. It is a perfect choice not only for transport but also for storing and stacking large items. Companies use pallets for items larger than 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.5 m and heavier than 70 kg. However, you can use pallets even for more minor things if you are ready to pay more.

Pallet shipping rates in Jeddah is not that expensive as you may think

The size is crucial

Although there are standardized measures for pallet transporting, you should inform if you can organize it for your case. The size generally defines the model when pallets apply. It is 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.5 m, but pallet racking in Saudi Arabia includes many other cases. You can ask for specific usage of the pallets or use for smaller packages. Also, you will be suitable if you ask the company for advice, sometimes it is better to use pallets for objects.

What affects the price?

Pallet shipping rates in Jeddah are not defined arbitrarily. There are firm rules when companies represent prices and follow a standardized price list. However, you can learn which conditions affect the price of logistic companies in Jeddah and act accordingly.

  • Distance is crucial when defining the price of pallet racking in Saudi Arabia;
  • For many local movers in Jeddah is a more critical time of delivery and urgency;
  • Companies organize pallet shipping rates in Jeddah following the transport model, too.

Which are pallet shipping rates in Jeddah

Different ways exist to create a price for pallet shipping rates in Jeddah. Companies have specific rates for other occasions and situations. If you want to organize this transport, you should inform us about the prices on time.

Air freight rates

If you choose to organize the transportation of your shipment by air, you should know that it is the most expensive model. Air freight range goes from $2.50 to $5.00 per kilogram. This range is wide because of other circumstances, like your package’s sensitivity or the shipping time. Make sure that you have defined those conditions with the company.

It is crucial to calculate all costs perfectly

Sea freight rates

If you are prepared to ship your items by sea, you will pay a slightly lower price. It goes from $2 to $4 per kilogram, which is lower. However, it could still be high for people transporting house items or only a few sensitive pieces. In that case, you can hire a company for road transport, where prices are significantly low. Also, companies define costs by many conditions, like urgency or time of the year when you ship, so you should act accordingly. However, pallet shipping rates in Jeddah are low, so feel free to learn more about that.

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