The time for your relocation is near! And you are planning to move your belongings by air freight. Hence you will need perfect packing materials for air-freight. If you want to properly package your goods, you should have a solid understanding of the product and allocation system. Also, you must understand packaging materials. Furthermore, you will need the patience that it takes to ship your belongings properly. Luckily, the Four Winds Saudi Arabia is here to guide you and help you relocate.

The risks of transporting your belongings by air freight

Before you decide to move your items by air freight, think about the damage that might occur. You should realize that there are damages.

Boxes inside a van
You shouldn’t use cardboard boxes. There are other perfect packing materials for air-freight

These are the usual hazards involved in shipping goods internationally on air freight:

  • Punctures and corrosions (insufficient internal packaging leads to shifting of the goods).
  • Compression (movements like stacking, shocking, vibration, generate compressive forces that cause damages).
  • Improper handling (if the items are not properly packed, then the contents will be harmed).

However, if you pack properly, you will preserve your belongings during the transport. That’s why logistics companies in the Middle East are here for you. To help you relocate you and your items safely!

Perfect packing materials for air-freight

Here we will show you the perfect packing materials for air freight. The packaging companies in Saudi Arabia suggest using these materials:

  • Corrugated fiberboard boxes
  • Wood packaging
  • Air Freight Pallets

Corrugated fiberboard boxes

The first material that you should consider is corrugated fiberboard boxes. Many people mislabel them as cardboard cartons or boxes. Corrugated fiberboard boxes are the most commonly used shipping containers. The good point of these boxes is that the edges create two of the adjacent panels. However, bear in mind that these boxes degrade over time. Also, they are not great to reuse. So treat them as a single-use material. The types of boxes are the perfect packing materials for air freight.

Wood packaging

If you want to use wood packaging, you should pay attention to some details. Make sure to always use interlocking corners on wooden crates. Also, don’t put fasteners into the end grain of the wood. Because the fastener resistance reduces the strength of the packaging. So, place them in the side or edge grain of your container. And don’t place fasteners in knots.

Pallets are perfect packing materials for air-freight

Many companies use pallets to transport the packagings. For instance, air cargo Bahrain often uses pallets. Pallets are made from either wood or plastic. This material makes moving packages easier. They are good to consolidate and handle packages. If you use pallets, then the shipments can move without direct contact with packages. And that is reducing exposure to damage. However, you should note some things about air freight pallets. They should be large enough to take in shipments without overhang. Remember to remove the protruding fasteners before placing the packages on pallets. Also, you need to know the rated capacity of your pallet. And never exceed it.

Wooden pallets
Pallets can be used as a packing material

Moving by plane

If you follow these standards, your international shipments will be safe. Finding the perfect packing material for air-freight will make your relocation much easier. Remember that moving by plane always requires additional care.