Practical ways to track your cargo

Sending cargo overseas, or locally even, is not as difficult of a task as it once was. Namely, this process was once very complicated due to a limitation in available technologies. The reason why this is so seamless today is thanks to the development of communication technologies accessible to everyone. The development of these technologies allowed for very practical ways to track your cargo. Efficient and easy to digest for everyone, even those who are not very computer-literate. That is a brilliant step up and an excellent evolution of one of the largest pain points of this industry.

Tracking cargo has never been better.

Why a pain point? Because shipments and cargos could go almost across the globe in some cases. The problem is that they are very valuable, and their owners want 24/7 ability to see their movements. And rightfully so! If I were sending something precious, across the globe, I would want to know its position at all times. The new technologies allow just that. They allow you, our customers, numerous ways to track your cargo. And all of them are convenient and practical. We will now list some options that might prove to be to your liking!

Ways to track your cargo – easy access

There are some rather unorthodox methods of tracking your cargo but are still in demand. It is something that is still popular with older generations that are not as trustworthy towards new technologies as they should. Be as it may, to each his own! Some methods are easy to use, and some are a bit less so. Either way, they are all here for you. So, whatever is most convenient for you is great for us! We are here to make you happy, after all.

If you were to hire our logistics services in Jeddah, you would have several ways to track your cargo. All of them are available to you, in any way you see fit. We will provide you with a few suggestions, but the choice is ultimately yours to make.

Personal tracking

Believe it or not, this is still a thing nowadays. Mostly popular with older generations who are used to the older ways of doing things. But, to an extent, I can understand. If I were my parent’s generation and had no contact with technology – I wouldn’t be entirely comfortable trusting it. They still go with the good old – I’ll believe it when I see it. And this is ok. You are paying for our Jeddah freight forwarding services, so you get to choose which is the way you wish to track your items. That is fair.

Personal tracking means just what the name implies. It may not be one of the most practical ways to track your cargo, but it certainly is one of them. If your cargo is airborne, you would basically go and purchase a plane ticket and fly with it. If it is in larger quantities, you would purchase a boat ticket and sail with it. It sounds rather tedious, and it is a considerable time investment. But, it is a way for you to be 100% sure that your cargo is on course since you’ll be looking at it the entire time.

GPS tracking

Second, on the list of ways to track your cargo is GPS tracking. That is a far more practical way than traveling with your cargo to its final destination. Our logistics services in Saudi Arabia offer such a way of tracking cargo. Getting this option is rather simple. You need to get your own GPS tracking device, or you can consult our experts on how you can attain one. Then, the device is installed within your cargo and voila! You can monitor your shipment in real time, nonstop, throughout the entire voyage. It is very convenient because you can know where your things are at all times.

Gps tracking map
GPS tracking – as easy as ever!

One limitation is the fact that you need to have access to the cargo before its shipment to install the device. If you are buying from someone overseas, and they do not wish to install the device, you will not have this option. However, whenever possible, it is very convenient. Another downside is the fact that the device could get damaged during the move, and given that it costs about 250 bucks, it could be a functional money loss.

Satellite imagery

This one sounds super fancy, and as a matter of fact, it is. It is very straight forward. You would need to know the exact ship your cargo is on. After this, you can proceed to purchase satellite imagery. That could allow you almost real-time tracking of your cargo, with video and photographs. On the one hand, it sounds super cool. You get to use a satellite to track your cargo!

Use a fancy satellite to track your cargo!

However, it has its limitations. For instance, one patch of bad weather and clouds, and you will not be able to track your cargo. That could end up being a bad thing to rely on, mainly because stormy weather is not rare in the open seas.

Ways to track your cargo – conclusion

There are many more ways to track your cargo. AIS (Automatic Identification System) being one of many, but it would be difficult to explain in a few paragraphs how they work. That is why it would be best if you contacted us so that we can have a conversation about it.

One of our professionals will be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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