Preparing Your Car For Shipping

Preparing your car for shipping is very important when relocating to another country. There are a lot of cargo companies in Dammam that will organize this job professionally. They have a proper tool and equipment, which, thanks to the skilled workers, prepare your car for transport. However, you should have basic knowledge about this process. In that way, you will prepare all the important parts of this relocation. Only in that way you can be sure that your car will be protected during transportation.

When packing the car for shipping, there are few details that you should know. However, the hardest part is to protect the car. Although companies have good tools and vehicles for this job, you should not leave all the jobs to them. After all, you can prepare the car by removing all decorations or accessories. Also, you should make sure that the car is prepared for a long trip.

A new car
You should consider protecting both a car and other properties in the ship when preparing your car for shipping

Preparing your car for shipping

It is much harder to prepare the car for shipping than you will need to do when driving it. No matter which type of vehicle you will use and how long you will travel, you should protect the car from damage. Also, cars have a lot of details and accessories on them that you need to remove. Before all of that, do not forget about documents that every country will ask you when entering with the car.

  • Protecting when preparing your car for shipping is crucial at this moment – there are great tools for these purposes;
  • Safety should be at the first place no matter what you transport – do not forget that your car will be surrounded by workers during transportation;
  • You should pay special attention to corrosion – no matter how short you will travel it will be exposed to the humidity;
  • If you want to avoid loss and stealing you should hire a professional national shipping company of Saudi Arabia which are skilled to protect cars;
  • The worst that can happen is to have injuries because of poor preparation and protection of the car – a good company will make sure that it will not happen.

Gather documents

If you have a car for a long time, you surely have documents that you have to forget about. You have put them in drawers and never use them again. Most of them are about ownership or service visitations. However, international movers Jeddah will remind you to gather all at one place and save time on preparation later.


You surely have basic insurance for your car. However, this time you will need to protect your car and other cars in the vehicle. There are a lot of great companies that offer special types of insurances for these purposes. Cargo transportation Saudi Arabia works in a way to protect all items in the ship so you should rely on them.

Sign the bill of lading

You will have proper documents and contracts to sign when shipping the car. However, the bill of lading is more than that. It is a special document between you and the shipper about transporting. You can define some details in it. After all, they will protect your car from all inconveniences.

Secure car when preparing your car for shipping

The most important part when preparing the car for transport is to secure and protect. Although we worry about the car and if it will be protected, do not forget that car could damage or harm other people and properties. There are a lot of ways to make the car safer for driving and transporting. Some of them will the company organize. However, you should do whatever you can to make your car safe for transporting.

Wash the car

Although you can feel it as an unnecessary effort, you should clean your car properly. It will surely smear during transportation, but you should not think about that at this moment. When washing and cleaning your car, you will have time to pay attention to things that you should throw away, like garbage. Also, you will be able to follow the car when it is on the shipper.

A car covered with dust
It is always good to prepare the car for shipping properly – including to wash it

Remove personal items

We all have those things in our cars. No matter if there are old sunglasses or children’s bottles, you should remove them from the car. Not only that it could make damages the car, you surely do not want to transport the car with all that mess inside.

Empty gas tank

There is a tricky question if you should empty the gas tank or not when preparing the car for shipping. Workers in shipper should have fuel to drive the car from the port to the shipper. There are situations when they need to move the car when it is already on the shipper. You should not put them in a harder situation with the empty gas tank. The best is to check with the company what to do in this situation.

Preparing your car for shipping include safe transporting

If you have a car that you need to take with you when relocating to another country, then you should pay special attention to transport. There are great ways to transport a car, though. You can use ships which have special containers where your car will be safe. Also, companies offer a lot of great methods to protect cars. Keep in mind, though, that you will not travel together with the car so you cannot check if everything is good when transport starts.

Check and notice damages

Our cars have those small scratches or dents that we are not aware of them. If you want to make sure that the company will pay attention to them, you should note all damages before shipping. The best is to take photos and write down all damages you have noticed. Workers in the company will know that you will watch the car and how it looks later so they will take care better.

A car
Every car has small scratches that you should notice before sent to the shipper

Perform maintenance

If you want to organize preparing your car for shipping you should perform regular maintenance before shipping. You can use the car maintenance checklist that mechanics have made. In that way, you will transport your car safely and drive as the car arrives.

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