Privacy policy details you need to be informed about

There is no doubt that today’s business world depends on data and the information derived from that data. Data is crucial for any businesses that process that information to provide services and products to their customers. Everyone, from all executive levels in the company, relies heavily on information from their customers. When it comes to moving, things are pretty the same. All moving companies collecting information and data from their customers and clients. Collecting has several purposes and the main one is providing as much better service as possible. For instance, if you hire one of the most reliable moving companies in Jeddah, they will use different ways to get information from you. Just like other moving companies, they will need to know essential information about your move. What you are wondering about is privacy policy details about your shared information. To understand this better, stay with us.

Sharing your information and privacy policy details

Having good knowledge about your privacy is important. Although it seems unnecessary when moving, it is good to be vigilant. Hiring services to complete a certain task is a situation when you need to pay attention when signing a contract or visiting a website. So, let’s see what the use of your data to the company you are working with.

Leaving date and privacy policy details
You should be careful when leaving your data and be informed about privacy policy details.

Whether you hiring moving services or Saudi custom clearance, you will need to leave some personal information. Nonetheless, you should not leave your sensitive personal information that movers don’t strictly ask for. All legitimate businesses will have that information available online. Also, they can print a paper copy of it too. Some companies might use some of your data and information for marketing and similar purposes. But be sure that no legitimate moving company will ever misuse your data.

Online and offline information movers need to have about your move

Movers are used to collecting information about your move online and offline. For instance, when you hire local or international movers in Saudi Arabia, the first step you will take is filling a form on the company’s website. Visiting certain websites to hire moving service involves accepting cookies, leaving your information through forms, and getting online emails. What are the privacy policy details you should know in this case? And what happens with your information later? After a period of time, the movers will delete your information by themselves, if data is not needed for specific purposes you gave it to them. The time before delete may vary. Usually, movers hold on to your information for 6 months while others businesses will keep it for years.

Offline information you are sharing with movers and privacy policy details

Taking pictures inside your household to give you an estimate is an offline way for movers to get your information. Having pictures of your inventory is what movers use to do their job. Also, every time you need local relocation services or storage services, you will share your current and new addresses with movers. It is because your movers or service providers need to know all these things to provide you with efficient services.

Man looking into a contract.
Make sure to know your rights.


Every time you leave your date and information you should know your rights. Further, your rights will vary from the right to access to erasure. The most important thing about privacy policy details is to fully understand all rights you hold. For a bigger picture, you could consult the Saudi Arabia data protection overview. This way you will get to know more about the process of collecting your data and information, but also why it is so important to have it to your right to ask for its removal. Although moving is not really a niche where privacy policy particulars and data breaches are a hot topic, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful while signing contracts.

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