The costs of living in KSA

Moving to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be a big change in life for many people. Whether you are planning to move there or will be doing so soon. It would be wise to research the costs of living in KSA and plan your future accordingly. If you are planning to move you should make sure that you hire one of the most reliable and professional moving companies in Jeddah. You can get a free moving estimate. And make sure to plan into your budget the move itself. The great thing is that the costs of living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are usually similiar or lower than in the west. And with salaries being high and no income tax not only can you live comfortably. But you can also save some money.

Costs of accommodation in KSA

When thinking about the costs of living in KSA this is one of the most important things to consider. The cost will depend on whether you are going to rent a property or buy it. And it will also depend on the city in which you are going to live, as some are more expensive than others. Most people live in apartments or villas. A popular choice among expats is expat compounds. They are small self-contained communities with markets, pools, restaurants, and anything else you might need. A big benefit of the compounds is that they are very safe. If you are moving overseas, one of many things you should know when moving overseas are the prices. They range from 60,000 SAR for a one-bedroom studio to 200,000 SAR for a fully furnished three-bedroom villa. Many people find it worth the money for what the compounds offer.

Man sitting in front of keyboard, pen and paper calculating the costs of living in KSA
Make sure to calculate all the costs of living in KSA so that you are properly prepared


Cost of rent in KSA

You are most likely to end up renting an apartment. So it is worth looking into the prices of rent and what is most convenient and affordable. One thing worth keeping in mind is that the prices can vary a lot depending on location. Apartment in suburbs or rural areas can be half the price of the one in city center. Depending on your work, your budget, and your preferences, it might be a good idea to look into them too. If you have decided to bring a lot of personal property with you. Make sure that you hire one of the most efficient and reliable import-export companies in Saudi Arabia to ensure that your goods arrive safely and undamaged. Here are some average prices of apartments for rent. And keep in mind that prices can vary depending on location and other factors like whether it’s furnished or not.

  • Fully furnished two-bedroom apartment – 4000 SAR
  • Fully furnished three-bedroom apartment 7000 SAR
  • Three bedroom villa – 15000 SAR

Buying property in KSA

If you have decided to move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the long term, you might be better off purchasing a property. Until recently non-nationals were not allowed to buy property in Saudi Arabia. But the laws have been relaxed so now renting is not the only option for foreigners. There are still areas that are off-limits. And you will still need to get approval from the licensing authority. Same as it is for rent, location matters. And prices can vary a lot depending on the location of the property you are going to buy. Apartments usually cost between 3000 SAR and 7000 SAR per square meter. And between 1800 SAR and 7000 SAR outside of the city center. Should you want to buy a villa, the price can depend on many things. But you can find one with 250-300 square meters between 1,500,000 SAR and 3,500,000 SAR.

The daily costs of living in KSA

The estimated monthly costs for a single person are 2600 SAR. While monthly costs for a family of four would be around 9300 SAR. To give you an idea of the costs of things you buy daily, here are some prices. One liter of milk would cost around 5 SAR, 1 kg (2 lb.) of tomatoes costs 5 SAR too. While you can get 1 kg of local cheese for 23 SAR. And 1 kg bananas, oranges, and apples range between 5 and 7 SAR. As for utility bills, you are going to pay around 350 SAR for electricity, water, and gas. While for the internet, you are going to pay around 250 SAR for 60 Mbps or more with unlimited data. Another important thing is to make sure that you maintain the quality of your stored goods.

Fruits on glass top display counter
Make sure to get acquainted with the prices of all the little things you buy daily like fruit


Education costs in Saudi Arabia

Education is another important expense which you should take into consideration when thinking about the costs of living in KSA. You are most likely going to be using a private and international school. It is worth having in mind that they can be quite expensive. And that is not counting things like books, excursion fees, and many other things. So it’s best to plan into your budget the schooling expenses and make sure that you are ready for it all. If you have small children, you should know that all nurseries and daycare centers are private. And you will have to plan them into your budget too. Another option is to have a babysitter, au pair, or a nanny. While they are not as common for average families as daycare centers and nurseries, they are a good option too.

School bench with textbooks in a classroom
Make sure to plan where your children will go to school

Transportation costs in KSA

Most people use private cars and taxies within cities. There are also inner-city train and bus connections. Bus tickets cost around 300-400 SAR while train tickets cost around 200 SAR. You can easily find taxies everywhere and they are not that expensive. The regular tariff is 10 SAR per kilometer. And apps like Uber are also available if you prefer them. Private cars are also a great choice. Should you want to buy a new car so that you have a reliable vehicle you can find one for a price from 80,000 SAR to 500,000 SAR. While cars might be a bit more expensive, petrol is much cheaper in Saudi Arabia. Costing around 1.5 SAR per liter. And that is something you should keep in mind when thinking about the costs of living in KSA.

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