Product liability and what does it mean?

Are you shipping cargo any time soon or planning relocation? Do you worry that it could get lost or damaged? And, who will fix the damage in case it appears? These are things you should investigate before you start organizing your shipment. Also, it’s necessary to look at ways to ensure your cargo, learn about product liability, its types, and limitations.

What is product liability?

Product liability is the actual coverage supplied by the mover for the product that is being moved. Most states have a minimum liability that a moving company has to offer. This minimal coverage is usually included in the price. However, if you have particularly valuable items, such as artwork or expensive jewelry, you may want to buy additional coverage. Should you need any logistics services international it’s best to hire a reliable shipping and logistics company. They can handle the entire shipping process, from organizing transport to dealing with customs clearance.

research product liability before you sign the contract
Before you choose a particular shipping company and sign a contract, read it carefully and pay special attention to the section regarding product liability

Every company defines the type of liability it provides in the contract. It also includes the compensation provided for any damages or other possible problems. A common section in the contract is the limitation of liability.  It is a clause in the contract that precisely explains how far every side must go to prevent possible damages or harm. That is why it is important to also check your obligations as a client. The moving company might list the conditions that you should fulfill to prevent damages.

Do you need shipping insurance?

Most shipping and logistics companies offer some sort of shipping insurance. This is a minimal insurance policy called carrier liability. However, the actual value of your cargo isn’t related to this pre-determined compensation. The reimbursement you get is often much smaller than expected. When shipping your goods, make sure you talk to your carrier about the insurance policies they offer. There are different types of insurance such as general average coverage and warehouse to warehouse coverage.

A shipping company should guarantee the safety of cargo.
Different shipping companies offer different types of coverage


Understanding the meaning of product liability is extremely important. Otherwise, you might lose a lot of money and get stuck with damaged goods. Instead of constantly worrying about the safety of your belongings, you should investigate the types of liability that various shipping companies offer. This is one of the most important questions to ask your movers.

Although the types of coverage may vary depending on the company’s policy, all shippers are obliged to offer a certain type of coverage. make sure to read your contract carefully before signing it. It will not only state the type of product liability the company offers, but also situations in which the company may be released from liability for any damages that occur during transit.

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