The underrated importance of TPL services

Third-party logistics or short TPL is when you use a third-party business to outsource packing, warehousing, and transport services. Third-Party Logistics (TPL) can help you when you are moving with warehousing and other solutions. Also, you could get some other services such as disassembling furniture and storage, warehousing services, shipping, packing, and containerization. Plus, some TPL services provide crating services, in-transit shipments, and export preparation of household goods. In this article, you will get to know the importance of TPL services.

No need renting your own warehouse

If you use an external logistics service provider for one reason only, this may be because you want to skip the complexity of searching for and renting storage space. Here is some part of the underrated importance of TPL service when renting a warehouse:

  • The time involved in searching, selecting, negotiating, and moving your belongings to a warehouse.
  • The cost of renting storage space is often a fixed fee, regardless of how much (or how little) you use it.
  • The liability, this means that you are liable for accidents in the warehouse that cause damage to other stocks or to the equipment.

No matter if it is a financial reason or other reasons why you do not have time to handle this kind of work. Giving over your logistics to an outsourcing company will make it easy for you to find storage space for your valuable belongings.

Man sealing carton box with tape
Importance of TPL services is often underrated

Moving your office

Moving your office is not an easy task.  You will need a lot of time for moving inventory. You need to consider many tasks such as counting, preparing, transporting, and establishing an accurate inventor. An office move requires comprehensive planning and organization. Office relocation is not just about moving furniture, technical equipment, books, and files to a new location. You need teamwork. Employees should also be able to find their way around the new office quickly in order to continue to work efficiently and advance their careers. Organizing an office move is a great challenge and requires good time management. You can be at ease because clinical trial logistics can help you with everything. How much time you need for the relocation of your office depends mainly on its size. For smaller companies a preparation time of two to three months is sufficient.

Save cost and prioritize

When choosing the right TPL partner for your needs, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of costs. Remember to check the fine print and ask if there is a minimum monthly amount. Ask are there any additional costs. With a good pricing model, there are no hidden fees or additional fees. You will simply pay according to the agreed amount. Contact a TPL service provider and get an overview or request a quote. Ask what service levels are provided when contacting support. When hiring a shipping and logistics companies, reliable customer service is essential. If the service provider does not have clear and consistent workflows in place, you may not be helped quickly when you need support most. Logistics should be the core competence of third-party logistics providers. Third-party logistics providers should also provide higher flexibility for geographic distribution and offer a larger variety of services.

Person holding 100 dollar bills
There are many clear benefits that an outsider TPL provider can bring to you


Advantages and importance of TPL services

There is the underrated importance of TPL service. Nevertheless, there is a lot of positives when hiring third-party logistics. A TPL can help you achieve a lot. You can increase efficiency and productivity when moving. They offer a lot of flexibility. By hiring them you can access special logistics expertise. They offer a diversity of services. With those ideas in mind, we can dig more deeply into each of the ways that a TPL provider can help you find the best solution for you. Another important point is the customer orientation of the TPL provider. This right fit is more important than the pure cost savings. The customer orientation in the form of adaptability to changing customer needs, reliability, and the flexibility of third-party logistics providers were mentioned as much more important than pure cost savings.

Something to think on

The most obvious and frequently mention disadvantage of TPL is the loss of control over the operation. When these services are handled internally, TPL decision-makers have the final say in all matters. They can customize their routes and strategies to particular needs. By hiring TPL providers, you are limited by what an outside company can offer. Even if the TPL company has everything you need today, they might not be equipped to take on new requests that you have. In most cases, this should not create too many problems. Also, consider hiring packaging company. This can help you with your move. As mentioned before, TPL’s wide networks of routes and warehouses make it likely that they can satisfy the requests of most people. But if you have very specific requirements that you can’t budge on, internal logistics might be the right way for you to go.

Man using laptop
Think about your options and see the importance of TPL services

Check for moving insurance

Moving the contents of your home or office is a really complicated process. There is a chance that some of your belongings could be damaged or even lost along the way. When hiring a TPL service provider ask if insurance is included. If not, this is definitely something you need to get. Moving insurance will reimburse you in case your belongings are damaged or stolen while they are in transit during a move. Depending on the length of your move, you’ll need to consider a different kind of moving insurance. The smart way would be to contact your insurance agent before the move. Find out exactly what your policy covers. In some cases, you may be able to get additions to your policy. This way you are better covered during your move.

You can hire TPL to take care of personal belongings for local moving, long-distance moving, and shipping services for the state to state. Third-party logistics providers typically specialize in integrated operations of warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to your needs.

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