Questions to ask your shipper

Moving home can be very complicated and stressful. There are a lot of things to handle before the move, especially if you are moving to another country. One of the most important tasks is to research shipping companies in KSA. You can rest assured that the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia will transport your cargo safely and efficiently. But you should think in advance about the questions to ask your shipper. Remember: knowledge is power!

Ask your shipper what the cost of shipping your possessions is

Before you choose a particular company, get estimates from several shippers. The price can vary between companies. Factors that can determine the cost of shipping, in addition to the moving distance and the volume of your move, are the moving date, type of the move, additional services, and insurance. Also, make sure to check whether there are any additional fees when discussing the price. In addition to the basic cost of shipping your possessions, you will also pay customs duties, terminal handling, any additional services, etc. Even though a reliable company will give you a pretty accurate estimate of shipping costs, you must count on potential hidden costs. But affordable and reliable cargo companies in Dammam are worth it and Four Winds KSA is the right choice for you.

Person calculating their budget after they ask your shipper about prices.
Ask several shippers for the estimated cost of moving and compare the prices before choosing one

Is your company fully licensed?

One of the first things you should check when choosing a shipping company is whether it is licensed and bonded. If you cannot find any information regarding its license, it is most likely that it is fraudulent or not legitimate. A licensed shipper is required to follow regulations set by the licensing body. Also, it will offer insurance and support in case you suffer any damage or financial losses.

How long will it take?

Ask your shipper how long the shipping process takes. Although it may not be possible to give the exact timeframe, most shippers will be able to give you an approximate date by which your cargo will arrive. Shipping times depend on the mode of travel, the distance between your origin port and final destination, as well as the frequency of travel on that route. Don’t forget to check whether the transit time the shipper gives is door to door or sailing time. Ask the shipping company to give you the sailing time plus typical timescale for collecting, loading, and delivering cargo. In this way, you will be able to understand how long you will be without your stuff.

Does the shipping company offer insurance?

Insurance policies vary by company, so it’s important to check whether your particular company offers insurance. All shipping companies are stipulated to provide moving insurance, but if you are not satisfied with the level of protection they provide you can buy additional insurance. The safety of your belongings is of the utmost importance, especially if you are shipping valuable items. Make a list of all expensive belongings so you can list them on the insurance policy separately. In case of partial or total damage, loss or theft of your possessions, you will be compensated.

Can you offer storage?

Renting a storage unit can be a good option during the moving process. You might need to stay in temporary accommodation while looking for a new home, renovating or redecorating your home. In those situations, finding a storage facility can be very useful. Four Winds Saudi Arabia is an experienced moving company that provides a wide range of storage and warehouse solutions. Whether you are moving your home or office, looking for short-term or long-term facilities, you need to keep your belongings safe before transporting them to their new location. Some of the most important factors to consider are the storage unit size, location, price, and safety. Pick storage that has gates, security cameras, security guards. Always explore different options in order to compare prices. In this way, you can even find some discounts.

Many shipping companies offer storage facilities.
Renting a storage unit can greatly facilitate your move

Before you start looking for a warehouse, make sure to write a list of things you want to storage. Reduce clutter and get rid of the unnecessary items before you start packing for the move. Sometimes we hoard things that we no longer use simply because of their sentimental value. We become emotionally attached to some things and refuse to get rid of them. People hoard all sorts of things – from magazines and photographs to clothes and toys. In these situations, you can leave unused items in a storage facility until you decide what to do with them.

Ask your shipper whether they offer packing services

Packing is the most tiring and time-consuming part of the moving process. Before you start packing, you have to organize all your belongings and declutter your home. If you do not have any packing experience, make sure to learn some packing techniques. If you do not want to pack on your own, do not have time, or want to speed up the process, it’s best to hire a shipping company that offers packing services. Packing yourself is cheaper, but there are many benefits of leaving this to moving professionals.

Pack all your possessions carefully.
Use quality packing materials to protect and pack your belongings

If you hire professional packers you will not have to worry about gathering packing supplies such as boxes, crates, packing paper, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, etc. Proper packing is particularly important if you are moving valuable items such as jewelry, antique furniture, artwork, etc. You can never be too sure about their safety, and you don’t want to risk these valuables getting damaged or broken.

The summary of what to ask your shipper

Finding the right shipping company that will facilitate and accelerate your move is the most important part of the shipping process. Asking the right questions can guarantee the success of the process and safety of your belongings. Make sure to hire a licensed shipper that provides insurance. Most shipping companies are able to provide tracking options to your cargo and tell you exactly where your shipment is at any given time.

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