Quick Guide to Shipping Breakables

So, you plan on shipping breakables overseas and are unsure whether you can do it safely and successfully? No worries! We are here to help you out! In this quick guide, we will show you all of the essential tips for a successful shipping process. In addition to this, we are going to cover the important role of the reliable and experienced national shipping company of Saudi Arabia plays in the shipping process.

Choose the right box when shipping breakables

When it comes to the shipping process, regardless of the destination, you will want to ensure the maximum safety of the shipped inventory. Therefore, the first place to start is the packaging materials. Ensure you have high-quality boxes for it. Getting free boxes is not that hard but be sure to double-check their quality and sturdiness before packing your items. Additionally, look at the size of the box. Packing items too tightly might cause them to break while in transit. Furthermore, a box that is too large will also cause items inside to spin, hit the sides of the box, and go up and down. if you are unsure whether or not you have the right box, connect with experienced professionals who can guide you through the shipping to Saudi Arabia process.

The right box for shipping breakables.
When shipping breakables, make sure you have high-quality boxes that can withstand the journey.

Wrap the breakables properly

The actual packing technique and process are as equally important as the packing materials. Additional materials such as bubble wrap, packing foam, or even old newspapers can all be used to provide a much-needed cushioning effect for your breakables. Fill in any gaps that are left once your items are placed inside the box with these protective materials.

Label the box visibly

Are your items safely placed inside the box and surrounded by protective materials? Great! The next step, however, is crucial. In order for your shipping professionals to know what they are dealing with, it is best to mark each box for its content. So, use the proper labeling materials that are visible and will let everyone know that the box contains fragile items inside. Secure all of your breakables by enlisting the help of trusted international movers and packers Riyadh.

Labeling a box.
Label all of your boxes for their content before shipping them.

Secure the box with quality packing tape

Once the box is packed, marked, and ready to go, you might think the whole process of preparing your items for shipping is over. However, better be safe than sorry. So, take your time and use quality packing tape to secure each box opening as well as the sides by wrapping it several times around it. Make sure you know how to construct a moving box properly so that it does not fall apart during transportation.

Hire an experienced logistics crew to assist you

A lot goes into the shipping process. This is especially the case for overseas shipments. Therefore, it is best to be ready and prepared on time. Do your research and hire reliable and experienced shipping crews to help you with shipping breakables.

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