Real estate opportunities in Riyadh

If you are moving to Saudi Arabia, maybe you are interested to learn about real estate opportunities in Riyadh. Even though there are many great places to live in this magnificent city, you need to know that as a western expatriate you won’t be able to choose your housing on your own. Maybe you will be able to choose shipping and logistic companies that will help you to relocate, however choosing a home will be in your employer’s hands. Most expatriates in Saudi Arabia live in western compounds in the eastern and northern suburbs of Riyadh. Usually in the close proximity of their working place.

Search in the western compounds

When you decide to accept a job in Saudi Arabia, you will have to live with other expatriates. They live in western communities behind the closed gates. These compounds are closed self-contained communities. Also, people who live here, especially women, rarely leave their grounds.
Globe with Saudi Arabia map
If you are moving to Saudi Arabia from western countries you will live in a closed community
Luckily, these compounds have all facilities that Western expatriates usually have in their own countries. You will have cafes, grocery shops, laundry facilities, gyms, and similar. Sea cargo Riyadh companies will transfer your belongings before you arrive. Therefore, all you have to do is to get used to living in a closed community. If you have an opportunity to choose where you will live, these are your options:
  • Al Olaya
  • Sulaymaniyah
  • Al Muhammadiyah
  • The city of Al Nakheel

Al Olaya and Sulaymaniyah – some of the finest Real estate opportunities in Riyadh

Al Olaya and Sulaymaniyah are areas in the northern part of Riyadh, and they are a part of the city’s business district. In these communities, usually, live people that work in the center of the city. Here you will find smaller and less spacious accommodation. However, this is something that is especially suitable for young professionals who want to live closer to their jobs. So, you will definitely enjoy that. The goal here is to find something you will like. Al Olaya, for example, is a special place. Here is what it is known for:
  • A financial district. Finance goes through Al Olaya. It is the commercial core of Riyadh. The entire location is really modern and most foreigners simply love it. Everything is big, made of glass, and shiny, which attracts people. Even more, some of the friendliest people in KSA are there. This explains why Al Olaya is one of the better places for foreigners.
  • Beauty. This district is really beautiful. However, it is getting even better and better with every passing day. In essence, you will simply love it there. Everything is modern and amazing. It is the marvel of KSA architecture. Even more, if you manage to get a home in Al Olaya, you will never regret it.
  • Sulaymaniyah is also amazing. If you love nature, then this is the place for you. Moreover, if you are moving from a small country to KSA, you will feel at home. Mountains and nature surround this place. The air is fresh, and the locals are friendly. The food is simply amazing as well!

Al Muhammadiyah – definitely one of the better places for life

Al Muhammadiyah is a luxurious neighborhood in Riyadh that western expatriates usually try to extort from their employers.  The neighborhood is full of luxurious and spacious apartments. Also, if you are lucky enough to get a place here after your relocation to Saudi Arabia, you will be able to enjoy many great facilities like high-end restaurants, gyms, shopping areas, and similar.
gym equipment
You will also have an opportunity to enjoy high-end gyms in western compounds
This is one of the best places for visiting. The same goes for life as well. Al Muhammadiyah is the epicenter of the city of Riyadh. You will be able to find anything you want there. Even more, there are not only gyms, and restaurants, but the shopping areas are simply amazing. People in Saudi Arabia really love their shopping mall culture. They would often spend their entire days there, relaxing and drinking coffee from Starbucks. Since people in KSA are really friendly, you will meet many friends there. Everyone speaks English, and you will be welcomed. When it comes to Al Muhammadiyah, you will be able to experience several cultures as well. Neighboring countries and many nationalities have also found a home there. So, for example, you will be able to try Pakistani or Indian food as well. Many people love this place a lot. It is friendly and it offers a lot for everyone. All you need to do is visit it once to fall in love with it!

What else should you know?

Overall, once you get the Riyadh customs clearance, you will be able to explore this amazing place. There will always be something to do, and something to see there. Most ex-pats enjoy it a lot. There are even some ways you can get better accommodation, but you will have to talk with your job providers about it. In essence, people are really friendly, and you should not worry about anything while you are there. The food is completely out of this world and we are certain that you will love it. Their lamb dishes are something most people regret after leaving KSA. The culture will keep you enthralled and you will wish that you remain there for much longer than you will. We know for sure!
A lamb dish
You will definitely enjoy the local cuisine!

Al Nakheel is a great neighborhood for expatriate families

Al Nakheel is the most popular neighborhood in Riyadh for western families. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia with kids, this is the place for you. There are many international schools in the neighborhood, also the best real estate opportunities in Riyadh are located right here. Families will have an opportunity to enjoy large properties with gardens. Also, if you have smaller kids, there are lots of preschools as well.

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