Reasons to choose intermodal transportation

Intermodal transportation is becoming more and more popular as we speak.┬áMany shipping and logistics companies offer this transportation method since it combines different ways of transporting goods. You can mix two or more transportation modes- whether it is a road, rail, sea, or air freight. You don’t have to worry about your cargo since in intermodal transportation the only thing that changes is the shipping method. Your goods remain safe in the same container no matter the shipping mode. Here are some reasons to choose intermodal transportation.

Intermodal transportation can lower your costs

Every company wants to cut costs as much as possible, and choosing intermodal transportation is a great way to achieve this. Combining different shipping methods gives you a chance to plan ahead and control your costs. You can predict prices and find lower rates for a warehouse Jeddah that you need, or perhaps drivers and trucks. In addition to that, there is no need to change the containers. This means there is no additional fee for handling the goods, so you can save a lot on handling costs.

Containers used in intermodal transportation
There is no need to change containers If you choose intermodal transportation

It can increase the efficiency of your company

Not only that intermodal transportation lowers your costs, but it also makes your company more efficient. Finally, your cargo will arrive on time without having to spend hours and hours on borders or in long queues. Choose some of the best logistics companies in Jeddah and cut down your shipping time significantly. You can plan the route in detail, reduce the time required for loading and unloading, and your freight will be transported faster. In addition to that, intermodal is reliable. You don’t have to worry about the number of drivers you will need or whether you will have enough capacity. By choosing intermodal transportation, you can count on a consistent delivery.

Choose intermodal transportation and be more eco-friendly

Choosing intermodal transportation can make you a more eco-friendly company. You can reduce pollution by using more efficient transportation types. For example, one train can replace many trucks, so you require fewer drivers and vehicles. You can save a lot on fuel and tolls too. Many cargo shipping companies in Saudi Arabia offer help with planning and finding the most sustainable option for you. You can also apply for an eco-friendly certificate and become recognized as a nonpolluting company.

Railroad with a lot of cargo
Companies that choose intermodal transportation are more eco-friendly

Intermodal transportation is safer

Choosing intermodal transportation can be safer for your goods. Intermodal uses standard containers and reduces cargo handling, which means easier transfer from one transportation mode to another. All this means less risk of damage or loss. Also, you can put GPS trackers in train wagons and track your goods every step of the way. Not only that, your shipping is safer inside the train or a ship. The doors are unlikely to open in a train, and when containers are double-stacked, it is almost impossible to lose any goods. Accidents are not as frequent because the routes are fixed and less likely to happen.

These are just a few important reasons why every serious company should consider intermodal transportation. We believe this is the future of cargo, and it is definitely worth your attention.

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