Reasons to move to Jeddah in 2022

Have you ever dreamed of living in Saudi Arabia? Has this been some kind of wish that you wanted your whole life and how it has finally come through? We have nothing more to say than lucky you! Moving to Saudi Arabia is something that will change your life completely. And if you are looking for a new start, hire some of the best moving companies in Jeddah and get ready for a smooth and easy relocation. But if you are still having some doubts about whether you should move or not, read these reasons to move to Jeddah in 2022.

You have not heard about Jeddah yet?

Jeddah is a port city in Saudi Arabia. It is also the home of the two most holy places, Mecca and Medina. So if you like to travel, visit and experience something new, this place is just perfect for you. One of the things you need to know about Jeddah is that here it can get really hot, sometimes up to 45 degrees Celcius during the summers. The winters are not so cold, it is about 16 degrees. So if you are thinking of moving to Jeddah, make sure you leave behind all the clothes that are for cold and long winter.

suitcase on the floor
There are multiple reasons to move to Jeddah in 2022, and one of them is hot weather.

This port city can be really crowded during the pilgrimage seasons. So, if you are not the type of person who likes to be with a lot of people in the same place, reconsider moving here. But if you like having friendly and most polite people, Jeddah is a perfect place for your relocation.

Think about a different culture

So if you are thinking of relocation to Saudi Arabia, make sure you have read and researched about the culture in Jeddah. You need to inform about the rules and the ways of living here. You do not want to insult anyone on your first week in this lovely place. One of the examples is not to wear any clothes that reveal too much. Women here must wear long garb. This type of clothes is called an abaya.

Reasons to move to Jeddah in 2022

There are multiple reasons why you should do it. And if you ask around, everyone will have their own reasons for moving. But there is some general good stuff about this place that suits everyone. So, before you hire relocation services Saudi Arabia has to offer, read these reasons why you would move here.

One of the main reasons is earnings

Let’s face it. A lot of you are looking for a new place to live because you would like to earn more money. Saudi Arabia is a place where the salaries are tax-free. This means that saving will be easier. So you will have a higher salary and you will manage to save a lot of money. A pretty good reason for a move, right? Do not let this information make your move yet. As nice as it gets, some people just cannot fit in this environment. So, do your research about the politics of the companies that you are interested in. Remember that nothing comes for free.

Career opportunities

Once you write down in your CV that you have worked overseas, it is a huge pro for you on your job interview. It will show that you have an ability to work with different cultures, that you can easily fit in almost every environment, and that you have learned how to do your job in other places. All of these can be just pros when looking for a job. Some studies have shown that getting a job in Saudi Arabia is the most difficult task ever. But once you do, you will gain so much. From the salary to the experience that cannot measure with anything else.

Men getting a job as one of the reasons to move to Jeddah in 2022
The chances of getting a job in Jeddah are rear.

As we said before, the weather is one of the reasons to move to Jeddah in 2022

When you think of warm sun on your face during the morning and the afternoon, Jeddah is the blast for you. There is warm sunlight all over the year. But be careful. sometimes, for three or four months during the year, it can really be unbearable hot. The only thing that can help you is the apartment that has air-conditioning systems. But during the rest of the year, you can enjoy so many outdoor activities and spend some of the most quality time on beaches, pools, and other places that you find exciting.

Lifestyle in Jeddah

The standard of living in Jeddah is high but the cost of living is low. Pretty cool don’t you think? As an expat, you will find it very amusing to use services like drivers, maids, nannies, or any other services that you might need. And it will not take a lot of your money to feel spoiled all the time.

As one of the top locations for travelers, Jeddah is a perfect place for you to meet new and amusing people. With a lot of people visiting Mecca and Medina, you will be meeting and facing some of the most interesting people with their stories of how they decided to visit these places.

Being one of the cities that is constantly raising, new shopping malls are opening on a regular basis. So do not worry about not having appropriate clothes. You can find stores and shop for ones everywhere. And when you get tired of walking and shopping, you can taste some of the most delicious traditional food. Saudi cuisine is rich and full of flavors. 

crowd in front of the Masjid al-Haram
Jeddah is a very popular tourist destination.

If you want to experience more of the local culture, you will quickly learn that people here are friendly and welcoming. Do not let the wardrobe or the movies about this place make you feel different. Jeddah has so much to offer, and people here will be glad to give you a hand when you want to visit something that is not so typical about this place. There are so many reasons to move to Jeddah in 2022, and getting to know different cultures and people is just one of them.

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