Top workarounds to common supply chain problems in 2021

The previous year was hard for many people. It was the year when you had to improvise in order to get the best results. But, now that it is gone, we can summarize everything and see what went wrong. There were many supply chain problems for many people. But, there are also solutions. The goal of Four Winds Saudi Arabia is to give you an insight into all workarounds to common supply chain problems in 2021. In other words, we should learn from this year so that the same things do not happen again.

Here is a list of top workarounds to common supply chain problems in 2021

  • Congested ports
  • Cargo delays
  • Demand forecasting
containers in the port - workarounds to common supply chain problems in 2021
Alternate ports were a way to overcome this problem

Congested ports

One of the biggest common supply chain problems in 2021 was the fact that ports all around the world were congested. This is not that common in regular conditions but the difference nowadays is the measures for battling the ongoing pandemic. People had to distance themselves and that lead to people losing their jobs. That means that one port could not take all the ships. Waiting was long and many transport companies in Riyadh have lost a lot of money over this.

In order to handle this in the best way possible, people have started to use alternative ports. It was much easier and the waiting would be lower. It is a good thing to have in mind if the same thing happens in 2022. Alternative ports could be a solution to the problem!

Cargo delays

This was something that people expected to happen. Fewer workers always mean that everything is going to be much slower. As a result, many businesses were affected and they were losing a lot of money. It was the same in Saudi Arabia. Shipments were trapped and you could not do anything about them. One of the possible workarounds to this common supply problem was getting warehouse Riyadh for your company. By placing the cargo there, for a short period of time, you were buying time and losing less money. It was not ideal, but it is something that prevented a bigger loss than expected.

Demand forecasting

When talking about workarounds to common supply chain challenges in 2021, we have to mention demand forecasting. Demand forecasting is the art of predicting how many products will be needed in the next period, for example in 2022. It is not that hard to do this in regular conditions. However, once covid came, everything became much harder. It was harder and harder to do this because the market was somewhat unpredictable.

Improving demand forecasting was needed in order for companies to know whether they need warehouse Saudi Arabia for their products or not. In short, no company wants to have warehouses full or completely empty! That is always a big problem. But, with forecasting tools, automated inventory alerts, and cash on hand, everything became much simpler. It was the perfect workaround for this common supply problem in 2021.

stock market
Better analysis was crucial for better predictions

Will 2022 be the same for businesses all around the globe?

The great thing is that we now have more experience about what to expect so we can make better predictions and you can be somewhat sure they will become reality. It is important for you to check predictions for business in 2022 and see what to expect. By knowing this, you can prepare ahead of time and try to make as much profit as possible!

Learn something from workarounds to common supply chain challenges in 2021

History teaches us a lot of things. One of those things is not to repeat the same mistakes. It is the same thing here. In other words, knowing workarounds to common supply chain problems in 2021 will make you be more careful. You will be able to create a better picture in your head about this matter. You will have more experience and you will be able to make predictions about 2022. We hope that this year will not be that hard and that everything will fall into its place!

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