Reasons why Europeans move to Dammam

Dammam strikes the ideal balance between city bustle and tranquil suburban life for its residents and visitors. Furthermore, Dammam has a very favorable economic status thanks to the petrochemical industry. Nowadays, the capital of Saudi Arabia’s eastern province is growing at a speedy pace, attracting an increasing number of expats. However, exceptional growth is only one of the reasons why Europeans move to Dammam! If you’re one of those foreigners looking to settle here, moving companies in Saudi Arabia can make your relocation easier. 

What makes Dammam unique?

With almost 1,5 million residents, Dammam is Saudi Arabia’s sixth-largest city. However, just a few decades ago, it had fewer than 30.000 inhabitants, so its population growth was pretty impressive! Still, in all that urbanization Dammam has not lost its unique charm and welcoming spirit

A beautiful example of religious architecture in Dammam
There are plenty of interesting things to see in Dammam, architecture being just one of them.

Dammam definitely offers its locals and visitors plenty to see, do, and taste, like delicious seafood, architecture and gorgeous beaches. One of them is the famous Half Moon beach in Al Khobar, a city that belongs to the Dammam metropolitan area. For those in need of sightseeing, the largest self-contained oasis, Al Ahsa, is just a short drive away!  

Great job opportunities are one of the reasons why Europeans move to Dammam 

Fishing and pearl diving in the Persian Gulf used to be the region’s mainstay industries. Over the past few decades, Dammam has become a major maritime, oil, trade, and industrial center of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, many important companies such as Saudi Aramco, the country’s national oil business, have headquarters here or in the vicinity.

A machine used in the extracting industry.
Job opportunities in the oil sector are one of the reasons why Europeans move to Dammam.

The oil sector employs the majority of Dammam’s workforce, including many Europeans looking for a job in this field. However, the city offers many other job opportunities, especially in the retail industry, education, and building fields. It’s also good news that new laws allow you to own a business in Saudi Arabia as an expat. While you deal with administrative procedures, you can use a warehouse in Saudi Arabia to store your office inventory.  

Better living arrangements

Dammam was built from the ground up in 1923, following modern urban planning ideas. Residential zones are set apart from business areas, roads are wide and straight, and structures are well-planned. There are many housing options and it’s quite safe, which is one of the reasons why Europeans relocate to Dammam. However, until they adjust to the local culture, the majority of expats prefer to live in compounds. 

Compounds are gated communities with a lot of infrastructure already in place. For example, they often have preschools, fitness centers, restaurants, and convenience stores. That means living in compounds offers a terrific opportunity to meet other expats in the neighborhood. However, it’s always a good idea to ask experienced professionals for help during relocation. Leave that task to the movers and packers Dammam, and focus on transitioning into a new society! 

Possibility of leading a more opulent lifestyle

Groceries in Dammam are generally inexpensive by Western standards, sometimes costing even 70% less. Eating out will be incomparably cheaper than in big European cities like Paris or Berlin.  Petrol prices remain low in Dammam, and cars are less expensive than in Western countries. Moreover, it’s good to know that Saudi Arabia has no income tax. Considering that salaries are pretty high, expats in Saudi Arabia, on average, have a high standard of living

An example of a luxurious home and one of the reasons why Europeans move to Dammam.
Living in luxury homes like this one is not uncommon among expats in Dammam.

It’s also important to mention that expats in Dammam tend to save up money to invest in something later. Many of them can also afford luxuries that are often unavailable in their home countries. If you don’t believe it, several packaging companies in Saudi Arabia working with foreigners can confirm this fact. One way or another, financial security is certainly one of the reasons why Europeans move to Dammam. 

Reasons why Europeans move to Dammam also include the proximity of other countries in the Middle East

For Europeans looking to visit or do business with other countries in the region, living in Dammam has many advantages. The fact that Dammam is a coastal city with a bridge to Bahrain is a significant benefit. In just an hour, you can drive from central Dammam to Bahrain’s capital, Manama. So, it’s not a surprise that many people regularly take these trips on the weekends.  

However, Bahrein is not the only popular destination for residents of Dammam. For example, the capital of Qatar, Doha, is just a four-hour drive away. That makes it easy to go to Qatar for business and return all on the same day. Finally, from Dammam, you can also take a short flight to Kuwait City, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai! 

Sports are, among other reasons, why Europeans might find living in Dammam interesting

Sport is one of the things in the city that Europeans and locals can bond over. Like in many European countries, football is Saudi Arabia’s national sport and the most popular sport in Dammam. The Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Stadium is the city’s main football facility and also the home ground of Ettifaq FC. Moreover, locals and expats alike can also enjoy basketball and equestrianism in Dammam. Those who are more curious about local culture can enjoy camel racing or falconry!

As you can see, there are many reasons why Europeans move to Dammam. While some of them come looking for work, others have entirely different personal reasons. Perhaps it is to learn the language or be closer to family. Trying to live in a different culture is a good reason in and of itself! Finally, whatever is behind their motivation, we are sure Europeans will love living in Dammam!

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