Reasons why shippers will rely more on air transport in 2022

Air transport is crucial for supporting the global trade system. Trillions of euros worth of goods are shipped via air yearly. Air transport is the best transport option for both high-value and low-volume shipments. But are there any other reasons shipping and logistics companies will be using air freight over other methods of shipments? Read on to find out the reasons why shippers will rely more on air transport in 2022.

Air transport will be more reliable for shippers in 2022

Airfreight shipment is highly reliable to many shippers. This is because airlines manage to be on top of their schedules with reliable arrival and departure times. Even a missed flight wouldn’t cause much delay since most air freight services run on daily schedules, often with hourly departures.

A grey airplane in a hangar.
Air transport is faster, more secure, and more flexible shipping method.

Security of air shipments

One of the main reasons for shippers to rely on air transport in 2022 for sure is security. As high-value shipments require air freight often, the safety of the load is crucial. However, goods shipped by air are handled minimally. This makes air transport one of the safest shipping options. At the airport, safety controls tightly regulate shipments. Even though the security is tight, most goods are good to go within a matter of hours.

Speed and location as a reason shippers will rely more on air transport in 2022

Do you need to move your goods fastly and securely? Airfreight is, without doubt, the swiftest transport option compared to ocean, road, or rail transport. Because of its speed, air freight is especially practical for shipping belongings over longer distances. This is one of the main reasons why shippers will rely more on air transport in 2022.

Cargo airplanes generally cruise at speeds of around 900 kilometers per hour. Shipping your belongings by air from one continent to another can take just a few hours, unlike the ocean freight to Saudi Arabia.

One more reason shippers will rely on air freight in 2022 is flexibility. Air transport enables shipment to any location, no matter if it is landlocked or very remote. The routes for sea, road, and rail freight requiere main transportation networks, leaving the smaller countries of the world out. However, many air shipping companies have a large network of locations covering nearly the entire world.

Shippers will rely more on air transport in 2022 due to the reduced costs

Like all companies, logistics services international are looking to optimize their costs as much as they can. Some of these extra expenses are less when shippers rely on air transport:

Blue White Orange and Brown Containers stacked and stored atop of each other may be the reasons why shippers will rely more on air transport in 2022.
Fewer expenses are one of the reasons shipping companies will rely more on airfreight in 2022.
  • Packaging. Air shipments usually require less hefty packing compared to other shipping options. This is one of the factors which will make shippers rely on air transport more in 2022.
  • Warehousing. When relying on air freight, due to the high frequency of flights, goods don’t require long-time storage.
  • Insurance. Other shipment options have higher insurance rates due to more reasons. One of those reasons is the transfer duration, where there is more chance for accidents to happen.

Airfreight shipments are easy to track

Following your air freight shipments is definitely easier than with any other shipments method. The shippers will rely more on air transport in 2022 since there is always more precise tracking information available. Such information can be a flight number and details about when the flight takes off and when it lands. Also, many cargo shipping companies in Saudi Arabia provide web applications for tracking your goods. This means monitoring the status of the cargo from departure to arrival is available to stay regularly updated.

Considering all the reasons mentioned above, shipping companies will definitely rely more on air shipment in 2022. For transferring both high-value and low-volume goods quickly to a distant location, air freight is probably the best option. However, if you have low-value and high-volume goods that are not time-sensitive, sea freight is most likely the best option. Also, make sure to read more on the benefits of air transfer over other means of shipment.

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