Responsibilities of the Receiver during Shipping

When shipping possessions from one country to another, both the shipper and the receiver have their own responsibilities. It is a long process that requires a lot of preparation and organization. However, if both parties are well informed and have done their parts, shipping will be done smoothly. We would now like to inform you about the responsibilities of the receiver during shipping.

What are the Responsibilities of the Receiver during Shipping?

You as a receiver of your cargo should be familiar with your duties and responsibilities. The most important things you should do in order to ensure your safety are:

  • Fill out freight claim form;
  • Make a record of all the possible damages or irregularities.
Man Writing down the responsibilities of the receiver during shipping
Make sure to write down all of your responsibilities as the receiver during shipping. You will have everything on paper, and therefore fewer worries in your head.

The shipper will do the hardest part of the shipping process. For example, sea cargo Jeddah can help with the overall shipping by sea. However, the receiver should not be unprotected. He shouldn’t leave everything to the shipper either. In order to prevent inconveniences, the receiver should be aware of his responsibilities.

Fill Out the Freight Claim Form

You should fill out this form before shipping. The receiver will be on the safe side with this paper. This freight claim will ensure his protection. In case something happens to his cargo, the receiver can use this claim to demand his rights. However, without it, you cannot do much. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia, for instance, you should familiarize yourself with Saudi customs clearance. It is important to know their customs regulations. When it comes to the responsibilities of the receiver during shipping, this one is certainly the most important. Additionally, both the shipper and the receiver are responsible for creating this freight claim.

man claiming responsibilities of the receiver during shipping
You should use legal documents as often as possible. They are the biggest security that you can have when doing something important in life.

Make a Record of all the Possible Damages or Irregularities

When your cargo arrives at its destination make sure to make a record of everything. Everything that doesn’t seem right to you, make sure to report. Check whether all of your belongings are there and if they are in good condition. It is important that you react immediately. Later on, your observations will not be taken into consideration. You might not even be able to fight for your rights. Moreover, this is the situation in which you are able to use your freight claim. And hopefully, all your rights will be protected in case of any damage or loss. Inspect your possessions carefully and minutely. Don’t be afraid to stand for your own right. It is now obvious why knowing the responsibilities of the receiver during shipping is so important.

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