Saudi Arabia education opportunities to look into

So – you are moving to Saudi Arabia with your kids. Well, Four Winds Saudi Arabia will help you to locate the education opportunities for your family. Of course, school options will depend on the age of your children. But rest assured that your kids will have a chance to receive a good education in this country. Of course, once you move to a new country it can be difficult to locate the best schools. And you will face the same problem here. So, to ease this process, here are the Saudi Arabia education opportunities that you can look into.

List of Saudi Arabia education opportunities to look into

So your air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia is arriving today. And you are already looking for education opportunities in Saudi Arabia? If you do, here are your options:

  • State schools in Saudi Arabia. They are usually not suitable for expatriates.
  • Private Schools could be a good solution. If you are looking for Saudi Arabia education opportunities for expatriates.
  • Maybe you are looking for foreign education. International schools could be a good choice.
  • Private universities are the only option for foreigners.
  • Maybe you are looking to learn a new language. Or improve your communication skills. You can attend language schools in Saudi Arabia
Two kids at school
Foreigners will find many educational opportunities in Saudi Arabia

State schools in Saudi Arabia are not suitable for foreigners

State schools in Saudi Arabia are teaching in the Arabic language only. Also, state schools are strictly segregated. So you have separate schools for boys and girls. These schools are for Muslim children only. So if you are not, you will have to look for another solution.

Private schools in Saudi Arabia

Private schools in Saudi Arabia manly work on the same lines as state schools. This means the Arabic language and state-guided curriculums. That is why they are usually not suitable for foreigners. There are, however, Filipino schools that teach English programs. So, if you are relocating to Saudi Arabia from the US that could be an option.

Saudi Arabia education opportunities at international schools

If you are moving from the USA, your best option will be international schools. Luckily there are many schools of this type in Saudi Arabia. Mainly in Jeddah, Dhahran and Al Khobar.

Saudi Arabia education at universities

If you are looking for university opportunities in Saudi Arabia, you should know that there are 25 state universities and 27 private universities in this country. The most prestigious university in Saudi Arabia is the King Saud University in Riyadh. But if you are a foreigner you should know that not all courses are conducted in English. And sometimes a speaking Arabic could be a requirement.

Building in Riyadh
There are many universities in Saudi Arabia

Attend language schools if you want to improve your Arabic

The Arabic language is considered difficult to learn. However, if you are moving to Saudi Arabia, you should at least try to learn some basics. Of course, the best places to do this are language schools. Luckily, there are many language schools in this country. So if you have a will to learn, you will have many Saudi Arabia education opportunities available.

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