Room-by-room packing advice you should know

When packing for relocation, especially when doing it yourself, it can get really messy. By hiring professionals packers and movers in Saudi Arabia, you will at least be sure that everything will be done properly. Packing up your whole house is a big thing to do. Because of that, you need to have a plan in order to stay organized. Read on to find out room-by-room packing advice you should know.

Room by room packing checklist

Here you can find the specifics of packing every area of your home in order to keep all your belongings safe and intact during relocation.

Kitchen area

The kitchen is a really big challenge when it comes to packing for relocation. Packing companies in Saudi Arabia are trained professionals that know how to do this the best way possible. It has a lot of:

  • appliances
  • fragile things (room-by-room packing advice comes in handy to protect these types of items)
  • oddly shaped items
  • and many items of different sizes

Before you start packing, it is advised to organize all of these items into various categories. You should do this for easier management and unpacking when you get to your new home. Here are some general categories into which you should divide your items.

Room-by-room packing advice should be really taken into consideration when packing up the kitchen
The kitchen tends to be the room with the most items

Dishes, bowls, and glasses

For all these items it’s basically the same. Wrap them in packing paper or bubble wrap, and make sure to put the crumpled paper between the items to prevent damage during transportation. Even tho movers and packers Dammmam handle your belongings with care, it is always better to be safe than sorry. You should put the items in sturdy boxes for maximum safety. Make sure to label all the boxes that contain breakable items as fragile.

Kitchen appliances

Make sure that your kitchen appliances are clean and dry before moving. Remove any detachable parts and pack them separately. You should put smaller appliances in boxes of the appropriate size, best in their own boxes if you still keep them. When it comes to larger kitchen appliances, make sure to wrap them in blankets to prevents damage.

Living room

The living room is usually the largest in the house, and because of that, it’s only logical that it will take a lot of time to pack up.

Packing up the TV

It is extremely important to protect the screen of TV by putting a piece of cardboard over it. Also, wrap the whole TV in a blanket for better overall protection. Make sure to put it in a good quality box and label it as fragile for extra protection.

Living room furniture

Furniture like couches should have their cushions removed and armrest and legs detached. Use plastic wrap to pack the detached items properly and also wrap the furniture piece in it. Wrap the legs of coffee tables in bubble wrap, same as the corners for added security. Roll up the rugs and secure them with plastic ties. For more security, you can also wrap them up.

Room-by-room packing advice – bathroom

Even tho it is the smallest, the bathroom tends to be the most complicated to pack. Because of that, it is recommended for it to be done by professionals, so make sure to contact us. The bottles of liquid products should be put in zip lock bags to prevent leakage, especially the ones that have been opened before. You should also put your cosmetics in padded boxes to prevent damage. The most important thing about towels is to make sure they are dry before packing them up.

Person tapping shut a cardboard box
The bathroom items are the most prone to leakage


When it comes to the bed, take it apart as much as possible for easier carrying. Put the mattress in a special mattress bag. You need to empty dressers and put them apart if they are too big. Check this guide for tips on packing clothes. It is best to separate clothes by season and make sure for them to be dry before packing.

Room-by-room packing advice – conclusion

Packing is a laborious task that takes a lot of time and effort. But by following this guide, your items will arrive at your new home in a good shape. Make sure to enjoy the process and eliminate as much stress as possible. Good luck!

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