Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items

The list of Saudi Arabia prohibited, and restricted items grow with every new legislation or changes in the law. There are many reasons for that. Simple word saying, the fear of terrorism, poison, or criminal activities increases the number of items that countries forbid to bring in the plane. However, the list of prohibited and restricted items makes the country itself, so firstly you should do it is to check their legislation. Some items and goods are common in lists of prohibited items in almost every country in the world.

  • You should be aware of the hazardous items like acid or fuel – movers and packers in Riyadh will inform you about that;
  • Do not mention a weapon that is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous items that you can take with you;
  • Drugs as well as alcohol are on Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items mostly because of religious reasons;
  • People who travel by plane should not take items that can harm somebody in any circumstances, like sharp or too dangerous items;
  • You cannot take hazardous liquids with you like poison and acid.

Any of these items you cannot take with you on the plane, but do not forget that in some circumstances you can preserve a special allowance. In that case, you will be able to have it, but the amount of custom has already defined and in exceptional circumstances.

A plant
Seeds are strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia

Food and drink that are on Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items

Food and beverages are sure items that you will take with you when traveling. However, most of them could be dangerous in some circumstances. Do not forget that some of them seem as not harmful and threatening at all at first glance.

In some cases, though, they could be dangerous. There are also liquid and food that you cannot have with you in any circumstances because of religion. It applies to alcohol.

Seeds are on the list of Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items

Believe you or not, but you cannot take with you any plant seed in Saudi Arabia. The reason is straightforward. You can bring bacteria, microorganisms, or diseases on them in Saudi Arabia. You can also disturb flora and fauna in this country, bringing the specious that do not live there. Packaging companies in Saudi Arabia will surely inform you about that. However, make sure that you have informed them about the contains of your package when traveling.

Supplements and synthetic marijuana

There are numerous reasons why you cannot take these items with you in Saudi Arabia. Their legislation does not allow any uncommon and non-official medical care. In that case, you should not take products that harm their legislation. Even though medical marijuana has mostly taken as medical preparation, in Saudi Arabia does not think like that.

Plants and plant product

One more item that you cannot bring in Saudi Arabia in any circumstance. It usually applies to plants that you planned to grow in Saudi Arabia. The rules are the same as for seeds. You can bring plant diseases with them and change flora in this country. However, home plants could avoid this rule, but it is better to ask freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia for advice.

Devices that are on Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items

That does not mean that Saudi Arabia forbids having and taking electrical devices when coming to their country. Every custom clearance in the world has rules about new devices and those under warranty. It is good to know what is on Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items list if you have planned to travel there soon. Most of them, Saudi Arabia has forbidden to prevent spy activities and unauthorized recording.

Cameras or spying devices

Logically, every country has prohibited things that you can use for spying. Saudi Arabia has a rigorous rule about it. So, if you have a camera, especially the new one, you must ask for special allowance, but only if you are planning to use it for official purposes (journalism).

Phones and modems

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that does not allow free usage of the internet. In case you have a device that provides you internet, they will take it. Make sure that you have includes all items that you can use for fun or enjoy, too. Those are CD, computers, diskettes, movies or even electric cigars.

A tablet
They will not allow you to bring devices with you in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia forbids adult content. That applies to adult movies, showing female anatomy, and adult toys. Saudi Arabia strictly prohibits adult movies, and in case they find it with you, they will punish you.

Other items that are on Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items

We said all about items that Saudi Arabia bans. However, there are small and at first place not that common items that we still cannot take with us in Saudi Arabia. Although those look like things that we do not usually take with us, it is not bad to mention for further travelings. You will find some of them as serious threatening of human rights or religious law in Saudi Arabia.

Teddy Bear
This innocent Teddy Bear cannot come with you in Saudi Arabia

Jewelry, platinum, silver or gold above the value of $5

Although it sounds obvious, this legislation usually surprises people. However, custom will surely take any of the valuable items that worth more than $5. They will not make any exception even if you have family jewelry or emotionally valuable items. The best way is to leave them at home or ask for special allowance.

Stuffed animals and Pokemon toys

Yes, it sounds weird, but Pokemon is on Saudi Arabia prohibited and restricted items list. They simply do not allow toys like that, especially if they represent live animals and human beings. It would be better to check with international movers Jeddah about this. However, many of those rules are official, and you can find them on the government site.

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