Saudi Cuisine for beginners

You should learn Saudi cuisine for beginners after moving there. After you have survived custom clearance and freight forwarding, you are in entirely different cultures. It is always good to try new recipes, especially if you move to Saudi Arabia. This country, as well as the whole region, has excellent recipes, spices, and tastes that you should try. You may feel familiar with most of them, though. Thanks to globalization, you have maybe already tried some of them in your country. There are some specialties of this cuisine.

  • They use spices and herbs that we have not used on in the western world – however, they are delicious, and Bahrain customs clearance will not allow you to bring food from your home, so adapt on it;
  • You will find a lot of vegetables and rice in their dishes;
  • Saudi cuisine for beginners should not be so strange, though, since they mostly eat chicken and lamb – we eat this meat in western countries, too.
Rice and shrimps
People in Saudi Arabia love meals with rice

Saudi cuisine for beginners who want to lunch

People in Saudi Arabia are traditional, and they love to eat with the family. Their recipes are easy to made and very tasteful for the whole family. There are a lot of traditional methods that beginners could try. Do not worry about the spices. Even children could eat them.


This meal is a traditional family meal for lunch. They prepare it with basmati rice and meat (mostly chicken). International movers Jeddah could help you to bring your kitchen supplies if you feel uncomfortable with cooking at a new place. Learn to use fresh spices, though.


This meal knows vegetarians and loves to prepare. The best version includes Tahini sauce, pita bread, and chickpeas. They make small balls of this and fry in deep oil. Unfortunately, even cold chain service could not send it to other countries in package.

Falafel is a very popular meal even in the western world

Snacks in Saudi cuisine for beginners

People in Saudi Arabia love to make snacks and candies, too. There are a lot of great recipes that are not hard for preparing. Most of them you perhaps already tried in your country. However, be careful with them. They use a lot of sugar in their recipes.

They have pizza, too

Their pizza, though, is not the same as in Europe or the US. They make it of flatbread, also. However, they put marinated minced meat. On the top, they put spices and herbs. However, this pizza they have not made to imitate Italian cuisine. It is truly an original meal.


It is a type of pita, a sweet pita with different kinds of nuts. They use great additions, like cinnamon and sugar. However, they soar it with sugar syrup, so for some people, it is lovely. It is a well-known meal from the Ottoman Empire so that you can find it in Turkey and other Muslim countries.

Baklava is very sweet but be careful


You have maybe already tried this meal. They make it of sesame seeds, ground with lemon juice. You can put there whatever you want of spices and herbs, as well as garlic. Some of the addition could be cardamom. Learn the health benefits of cardamom and use it as much you can. Saudi cuisine for beginners is not that hard.

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