Security tips for protecting your warehouse

Inventory and cargo that are kept in warehouses are never 100% safe from being stolen. A famous example is the theft of $5.7 million in cell phones from a warehouse in Delaware. The lack of security in a warehouse gives thieves an opportunity to make easy money, and for shipping and logistics companies to suffer losses. Sadly, no business is immune to it. If customers want to buy your products, thieves can also make a profit from stealing them. Because of this is it important to know these security tips for protecting your warehouse, even if you don’t manage the warehouse yourself.

Security tips for protecting your warehouse both inside and outside

Warehouse security is best obtained if you have layered security. This means having security systems both inside and outside of the warehouse.

  • You can use perimeter security to defend parking lots, entry points, and the property line. Warehouse Saudi Arabia uses this technique to keep thieves out. They do this by convincing them it is not worth the risk.
  • Another means of protecting your warehouse is to use internal warehouse security as well. This helps catch thieves who have entered the facility or employees who abuse their access. These ones are mostly used for evidence.

Security cameras

Security cameras are a great way to discourage thieves from entering. It is also good for gathering evidence if they do manage to steal something from some warehouse for rent in Jeddah. Modern security cameras capture high-quality footage and upload it to an offsite server. Because of this, the evidence is safe from thieves who try to tamper with the cameras.

two security cameras on the wall protecting your warehouse
Security cameras will gather evidence when needed


Alarm systems

These systems are crucial for many things like deterring thieves or alarming the police or security in time to catch the criminals. Alarm systems keep thieves on their toes because they know there is a time limit or keep them from entering altogether.

Inventory tracking is another way of protecting your warehouse

Inventory tracking is very important when it comes to minimizing inventory shrinkage. This way it can be identified frequently and quickly.

Security patrols

All warehouses and temperature controlled shipping companies should have this type of security measure. Even if you have cameras, patrols can check for thieves lurking in the camera blind spots. Having security patrols can greatly decrease the chances of casual thieves entering.

Patrols are good for places like camera blind spots

Security doors on the entryways as an extra measure of protecting your warehouse

Doors that are tough and difficult to bypass will definitely keep trespassers at bay. Weak locks and doors will not stop someone who is determined to steal your goods. Doors like this will delay thieves, increasing the chances of them getting caught.

female security worker reading papers
Patrols are good for places like camera blind spots

Make sure to secure the windows

Ground-level windows that are easy to break are an easy entrance for thieves. It would be ideal to have windows that are high up and reinforced. But if that is not the case, you can use window locking mechanisms, steel bars, and window covers.

Security tips for protecting your warehouse – conclusion

There are a lot of different ways to protect your warehouse. Your goods will be the safest the more security measures you have. But even like that, you can sometimes not prevent theft. In that case, it is important to stay positive and keep going.

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