Sending small packages internationally

There are a lot of ways of sending small packages internationally. Also, there are a lot of freight forwarders in Riyadh that could send your packages. However, you need to inform about relevant rules and legislation. Also, prices could be significantly different in companies that ship packages.

  • Protection of the goods inside of the package is essential – no matter what is inside of the box;
  • Price is different from company to company, so it could be necessary to compare prices for sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia;
  • Fast and delivering on time is crucial for sending small packages internationally – even if you do not have perishables inside.
A small box
Shipping companies will help you to pack and label package properly

What to pay attention to when sending small packages internationally

Although a small box presumes not many goods inside, you should send them accurately. You can post every kind of product in this way. However, packing and safety are in the first place. Also, prices could be different in companies, so compare the prices before shipping.

Sending of small packages is very easy

Not only that, this is the easiest and cheapest way of delivering. You can be sure that companies protect small packages much better. International movers and packers in Riyadh will make sure to keep on the eye even the most little boxes. It is the reason why people sent more small packages rather than one large.

You can choose how the company will calculate the price

You can accept a flat rate when the company charge per weight and size. In most cases, they charge $31,95 for 4 lbs. However, you can select a more expensive service for urgent delivery, for example.

A box with toys
You can send whatever you like in small packages

Shippers mostly offer to deliver

Most companies will provide exceptional service along with shipping of the small package. They will bring your package to the customs clearance in Saudi Arabia. After that, they have a door-to-door delivery service in offer.

How to calculate price when sending small packages internationally

It is not easy to calculate the price for a small package. There are a lot of companies that use their systems for charging of this service. Also, you should know that even you have a small box, they could calculate the price per weight. It is the reason why you should compare prices and service before shipping.

A bag with cake
Unfortunately, you cannot send food internationally

Get quotes from different companies

Every company must calculate and precisely offer the price for your shipping. In that way, you can compare the prices and services and figure the best option for you. Just be careful with that. Sometimes they can charge less but also do not offer services you may expect.

Compare the prices carefully

People say that the most favorable price for sending small packages internationally offers US Postal Service. However, you should be careful with that offer. There are a lot of private companies that offer to send packets abroad for lower prices. You should choose the best service for you.

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