Shipping from KSA; documents, papers, and standards

Saudi Arabia has much to offer. The country has seen steady growth for decades now and has become a hub for many industries, in particular when it comes to oil. Therefore, there are many products that can be shipped throughout the world. Shipping from KSA is not something that is often explained on the internet. People are often used to regulations in the Western World and frequently forget that rules might be completely different in a different area of the world.

Shipping from KSA; documents, papers, and standards

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  • Various forms of shipping from KSA
  • Documents you need
A freight for shipping from KSA
There are many options for shipping your items from Saudi Arabia.

Various forms of shipping from KSA

Shipping from KSA can be done in various forms. However, before moving on to discuss this, you might want to have a look at shipping and logistics companies that you want to enlist. Generally, don’t try to do everything on your own. Simply put, the regulations and details are simply too numerous for you to be sure that you can cover everything.

One of the things that you can look at first is cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia and from it. This comes in various forms. The first and probably most efficient one is by air. However, note that air transport in this instance is usually for packages heavier than 150 pounds. So, if you think it’s worthwhile to send just about anything via this service, you are mistaking.

The next way is by sea. All sorts of shipping and logistics companies use it, because it is cheaper. Within this concept, it is important to distinguish the following:

  • Live load – an empty container will arrive to you and you can then load the cargo into the container. The timeframe given to you is around two to three hours whilst the driver is waiting. Once over, your cargo goes to the port and will be loaded to the freighter for shipping from KSA.
  • Drop off – Delivery of the transport container to you when it is chronologically convenient for you. There is no time limit, but the driver will not be waiting for you in this case. Instead, you will have to call a driver when you finish.
  • Warehouse or terminal loading – In this scheme, you are have to deliver your cargo to the port or a terminal for shipping from KSA. However, the moving company will help you load the cargo into the container.
Two persons looking at paperwork
Having your paperwork in order is crucial for smooth transport.

Documents you need

Regulations differ from the Western World and so you need to pay close attention to the paperwork that you need.

First of all, if you haven’t, definitely enlist professional customs clearance services. This will help you get your goods through customs as soon as possible. In such a way, you avoid any stalling. 

Shipping from KSA requires very specific paperwork, including an invoice, as well as a bill of lading contract. Next, you will also need a certificate of origin, as well as an inspection report. Finally, the last three remaining documents are the Export license, export packing list, and the shipper’s export declaration document. Hopefully, shipping from KSA will be easier for you after reading this text. Best of luck and stay safe!




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