Shipping Valuables From Saudi Arabia To Another Country: An Extensive Guide

One may say that everything we have in our possession can be considered valuable. This could be a furniture set that was a gift, or a small piece of an heirloom that we will cherish forever. On the other hand, it is possible that you have or work with items that are really expensive, and no matter where they are, they must be taken care of. And while doing this while we are around is somewhat easy, moving and shipping these items is an entirely different thing. Each one of them must be prepared, packed, and transported properly, as even the smallest mistake could cost us a fortune. To anyone who plans on shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country- take a look at everything you should know!

Reasons for moving valuable items

Firstly, let’s begin by saying why and how people usually move their valuable items. In one scenario, people do it when they decide to move. This is where you should rely on professional relocation companies in Jeddah, as doing it on your own could be difficult. Moving your valuable inventory carries a lot of risks, especially if the country is far away and if you are moving for the first time. You will need to go through the packing process not only for the items in question but for your entire home as well. 

An interior of the living room.
A valuable item could be your furniture set or expensive jewelry, and they can come in different sizes and shapes.

The other situation is selling or buying valuable items. This will be a different process as items will be packed in their original packaging and that will release you from some work at least. But you will have to gather information about shipping these items, taxes, and laws of both countries. The good news is that you will have professional help when doing this as well, so all you need to do is prepare on time!

Choosing a company when shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country

When important events like this one take place, it is crucial that you have good partners by your side. Nowadays, professional logistics Saudi Arabia companies can provide many services that will make shipping much easier. But apart from making it easier for you, you have to think about the safety of your items and the total cost. If you try to ship valuable items on your own, you may find it very difficult to manage everything on time. this is mainly because you will need to get the paperwork done, deal with customs, and much more. 

If you wonder what kind of company you need to look for, just think about your priorities. Your shipping partner should provide secured packing services, fast shipping, and of course tracking. The more services you get the better, so try to find a company that has a lot of experience in shipping valuable items. You will end up with a good offer as they will include insurance policies that will protect both sides. 

A laptop on the table.
If you wish to ship your electronic devices from Saudi Arabia to another country, use the original packaging if you still have it.

Preparation and packing

But even with a good shipping and moving company, you will need to go through some preparations on your own. After all, you are the one who possesses the items and you should know exactly how fragile they are. No matter what country you wish to ship them to, you must focus on packing way before the process begins. The easiest method to do it is to get your hands on good packing supplies. For valuable items they include:

  • Secured boxes and bags
  • Wrapping paper or wrapping bubble
  • Peanut foam
  • Tape
  • Markers

Carefully prepare your items before you start packing them. Begin by cleaning or washing them if necessary and make sure everything is dry. Wrap each item in bubble wrap and secure the box with foam before placing items there. You can even move the box a little bit on your own to see if the item moves inside and make sure it doesn’t. Finally, close the box and use the tape to secure it completely. The company that will carry out the shipping will make some changes in case you miss any important steps which guarantee the safety of your items!

Getting the paperwork before shipping from Saudi Arabia

Shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country requires you to gather important paperwork that will allow you to do it. Just like every country, Saudi Arabia’s export laws require you to have all documents ready before the shipping date. The good news is that it will not take too long for officials to go through your documents as long as you have everything they need and you provide them in time. For shipping valuable items from Saudi Arabia you will need:

  • Customs Entry document
  • Legal Undertaking (LUT)
  • Customs declarations
  • Export Licence
  • Purchase order
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Certificates of Inspection
  • Weight Certificate
  • Consular Invoice
Person packing items in the box before shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country.
Before you schedule shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country, carefully pack them.

Even though it may seem like a lot of things to prepare, you can get a lot of these documents online. As soon as you find good freight forwarders in Riyadh, they can help you do it much faster. Of course, in Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of independent agencies that deal with this matter as well. But keep in mind that going separate from a moving company can cost you more. It will be much better to stick to one shipping partner, especially if they can do it all for you!

Things to avoid

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia’s import and export laws are very strict. When moving there or visiting for a holiday, there is a list of specific items you will not be able to take with you. These include:

  • Alcohol
  • Weapons
  • Used clothing 
  • Distillery equipment

The list goes on, and people who plan on visiting should take time to get to know the prohibited items to avoid customs service issues. When it comes to exporting items, there are also a couple of things you must avoid in order to achieve a pleasant experience. Make sure the items you wish to export to another country are legal and that they come with all the paperwork necessary. Also, avoid shipping last minute as you may realize that this will cost you much more than it should. 

A necklace with emerald as an example of inventory when shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country.
No matter what kind of items you plan on shipping, you must gather the necessary documentation for them!

The cost of shipping valuable items from Saudi Arabia to another country

There are several factors that will affect the total cost of your shipment. If you wish to reduce them as much as possible, you must act on time and have licensed freight forwarding companies in Bahrain by your side. Doing it on your own will be much longer and there will be several risks included. To get the perfect price that will fit your pocket you must think about the following:

  • Location: The distance always matters no matter if you are moving or just shipping your items. The further the country is, the price will be higher. The good news is that professional companies have special offers so expect to benefit from them.
  • Time: If you wish to ship your valuable items during national holidays, bad weather conditions, or any other significant event, the price of your shipping may be higher than usual. Those who can choose the time for shipping should avoid the busy season in both countries.
  • Weight: Of course, the weight and size of your items matter a lot. Shipping huge items like furniture sets require bigger containers and more space, especially when they are valuable. This will also require more packing materials.
  • Additional fees: Sometimes when items are extremely fragile or the country that should receive them has special import laws, you will have to pay extra fees. Your logistics company will inform you about this on time.

Estimated time for your shipment to arrive

It is only normal to want to know when exactly will your items arrive. This is especially essential for those who will already be in another country waiting for them. There are a couple of important things to mention when transporting your items internationally that will directly affect the duration of the process. Before your items arrive at Riyadh custom clearance, you will have to choose the method of transportation. This is where you have to be extra careful, depending on how urgent your shipment is. 

Even though air freight can be much faster and will get your items to you on time, there are some cons you must keep in mind. Not every item will be suitable for this method mainly because they could be too big or heavy. For example, if you plan on transporting your expensive furniture sets, chances are high that not everything will be able to go at once. This means that you will have to separate the set and do it twice. Immediately you will have to spend more time and money which could differ from the original plan.

Consider cargo shipping

On the other hand, shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country by cargo ships is much more suitable. Cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia, or from it is usually the number one method people choose mainly because they can transport multiple items at once. You will be able to place as many items as you want there, and all of them will fit. Of course, you will need to schedule your shipment on time but will not have to worry about doing it two times. A couple of things can affect your shipment to be late including customer delays or bad weather conditions. However, this happens rarely, and even if it does you will be informed on time.

A big cargo ship.
Tracking your items will help you know approximately when you will receive them.

Tracking your shipment

Another important part of this entire process is tracking your shipment. You will feel much better knowing where are your items and how the transportation is going. The company you chose will provide Saudi customs clearance service which will help you avoid many delays and keep track of everything you set for shipping. You will receive the code and in just a couple of seconds will be able to know where your items are and how long will they be there. This will prevent you from worrying or making rushed decisions which sometimes can be a real lifesaver. On average, shipping from Saudi Arabia can last up to 20-30 days, so don’t panic if your items are not with you sooner than that. 

In case of emergency situations where your items have to stay longer in a particular place, feel free to contact the freight forwarding company, as they will help you understand what exactly is going on. Professionals have a lot of understanding when it comes to these situations and you will be set with all information in no time. Another great thing about being able to track your items is organizing your time. When you know approximately when to expect them you can focus on other matters and be out of the country if you have to.

In conclusion

Now that you have some essential information, making the final plan is much easier. No matter when exactly you plan to ship your items, always try to follow each step carefully. The good thing is to ask around people who recently went through a similar process. Getting information firsthand is extremely useful and can make shipping much easier for you. And if you worry too much, just keep in mind that as long as you have a professional company with you, everything will be just fine. Take as much time as you need to do the research and find Bahrain customs clearance company if you are in the area.

A ship sailing as you can use this method for shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country.
And finally, when you are shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country, always ask a professional for advice before you make a decision on your own!

When shipping valuables from Saudi Arabia to another country, try to rely on economical solutions as well. Temperature controlled shipping companies will keep your items safe for as long as you need. We never know what unexpected situation can come our way, and it is always better to have a perfect solution for everything! Look forward to receiving your items in another country and try to stay positive while the process of shipping lasts.

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