Should you help your movers?

Our movers love to move quickly and efficiently, so trust us, it’s definitely not a weird thing to help your movers… but not with the heavy lifting! Helping them in other ways is more than just giving a helpful hand with heavy boxes. Because the faster your movers can get done, the more money you will save. To help move your ocean freight to Saudi Arabia along, we can say from experience that these 9 areas below are the most useful things you can do ahead of your move. Of course, professional movers will be happy to do the things on this list for you. However, you can do everyone a favor and consider being mover ready. Especially if you’re looking to save the absolute most amount of money. 

1. Disconnect and unplug as many electronics, lamps, and appliances as possible

Take a long hard look at all those cords and wires behind the TV stand or your computer. Or the dusty tangle of connections for your Playstation, Xbox and iPod portal? Isn’t it a pretty picture? So just think about it – is that really what you want to be paying them for? You should strive to make things easy on your end by helping your movers with labeling. Or somehow organize all those cords. Put them in Ziploc bags, or just wrap them in newspaper and label them with a black marker.

Man in a suit carrying boxes to help your movers
Movers don’t mind if you want to let us take care of the sofa, bed, and aquarium while you get the easy stuff if you want to speed things up.

2. Bare your walls to help your movers

We understand you are already off-the-wall crazy with everything you have to do. Pun intended. But you can do this little-by-little in five or ten-second windows of time. And you can start weeks before you arranged to ship to Saudi Arabia. It’s very simple: when you walk past any decoration on the wall, take it down. Place it right there against the wall – on the floor.

Or even better, you should find some secluded wall space to lean ALL your pictures, paintings, clocks, and mirrors. Do the same with all your decorations from the side tables and shelves. You’ll save your movers a lot of precious time. And the time they spend in the packing process costs you money! Keep a Ziploc bag for all those nails and hanger tools. You’ll need them when it’s time to start decorating your new home.

3. Strip your mattress and fold your bedding

Instantly make your bed ready by stripping the mattress and folding up all your bedding before moving day. If the movers are packing you up, they’ll just need to place those blankets, pillows, and sheets inside a box. If you are doing your own packing, then put a box by your bed so that you can get one box filled without even getting out of your pajamas. It’s a practical way to assist your movers.

5. Make space for anything you don’t want your movers to touch

During the preparations for your upcoming relocation, you’ll find a whole lot of items you’ll want to keep on hand. Like your phone, charger, maps, stuff to mail, bathroom essentials, cigarette lighter…you get the picture. We recommend you designate a place for all these different items that you don’t want your movers to pack or move. Usually, people go for the kitchen counter – stuff all that stuff into a clearly marked box. Or put it in a pile against the wall with an outlet nearby where you can keep your gadgets charged.

An extra few sets of hands before the movers arrive can cut your move time, which can sometimes literally save you hundreds.

6. Don’t forget to help your movers by clearing and defrosting your freezer

Not remembering this one, or even doing a bad poor of it, will set you back a lot. The benefit of doing this prior to your moving day is that you now have to do something with all that food. If you don’t believe you can eat it all, donate it, or give it to your neighbor.
Avoid using an ice pick, knife or any other sharp metal object to break up an eventual unwanted ice sculpture in the freezer. Believe it or not, it is way too easy to put a hole in the siding. Leave the door of your freezer open. Don’t forget to unplug the appliance first! Then let it melt. You can put a bath towel down in front of it to soak up all the water. If you do not have a lot of time, you can splash the ice with warm water. But be aware that this can get messy.

7. Drain your machines because you cannot transport gas on the moving truck

Among the things, movers cannot pack, put, and move on their truck or in a rental truck or container are oil and gasoline. Remember, that also includes what’s in your lawnmower. And your snowblower, your leaf blower, the grill…and that old moped with the flat tires! Along the same lines, propane tanks are another moving van no-no. Movers are likely to refuse to relocate them, even if they are completely empty and dry. Some people feel comfortable emptying their propane tanks by burning the propane, which is, in other words, BBQ! You can also choose to let it leak out. If you smell rotten eggs, that is a clear indication there is still propane in the air.

Shelves full of books
If you decide to take apart your shelf units, finish the job by tying the pieces together with some string or twine.

9. Know where everything goes ahead of time to help your movers!

We realize how chaotic the days leading up to move day can be. Note that a customer who has no last-minute issues to handle is very rare. But if you call us and follow our preparation tips, you’ll be able to give your movers instructions. We can be the perfect partner for your safe and efficient upcoming move!

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