The ultimate packing hacks to save space

Moving is a life event that brings many changes to our routines and habits. People usually move in search of better job opportunities, studies or because of marriage. On the other hand, some seek a warmer climate or they simply want to have a fresh start. People are ready to travel long distances to fulfill their dreams. Saudi Arabia is a county that ticks all the right boxes like booming market, warm weather and friendly people. However, if you are moving from Saudi Arabia to the USA, you will probably want to bring your car with you. Shipping car from Saudi Arabia to USA is certainly possible; you just have to contact reliable movers. But you still have to pack all of your belongings and prepare for the trip. Some people believe that this is a daunting task considering the fact you have to transport everything you own to another continent. Luckily for you, we know some packing hacks to save space and to make the whole process a lot easier. Stay with us to find out more.

The first thing to do is to get rid of the garbage

Every household is full of items we don’t use regularly. We all have clothes that are surplus to requirements, and old electronic devices that are just attracting dust and allergens. Now is the perfect time to get rid of everything that you don’t need. So, how to do it? The answer is simple, take a piece of paper and take a decluttering tour of your home. Write down everything you don’t intend to keep. Post those items online, or organize a garage sale and you could earn some money along the way. You would be surprised to see what people are buying online. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Remember that. You can also give something back to the community and opt to donate everything you don’t need. Your last option is to just throw into the dumpster all those items that are unusable.

Picture of a messy apartment
Before we give away the packing hacks to save space, we would like to advise you to clean your home from unnecessary junk

Using your suitcases is one of the best packing hacks to save space

Remember that moving long-distance is similar to traveling. Just pack your bags and leave your house. The only real difference is that you are not coming back, so all those goodbyes could be heartbreaking. You will probably need some time to adapt to new surroundings and relax. Also, relocation is the occasion when you have to pack almost everything you own. Therefore, you should take great care of the space you have at your disposal. Are you going to take your suitcases with you? If you are it is a waste of space to leave them empty. Ideally, you should pack your suitcases with heavy household items like books. Suitcases have a much sturdier build than regular moving boxes, and they are not prone to tearing. Additionally, they are equipped with wheels so you won’t have to break your back carrying them around. Pack your books by size and use the most of the given space. Fill the leftover gaps with other items that are not fragile.

One of the packing hacks to save space: put your books into suitcases
Books are heavy and therefore you should pack them in suitcases. This is a much better option than cardboard boxes

Use your clothes as packing materials

When you are moving to another continent you must be prepared for changes in weather conditions. Therefore, you should pack all your clothes and also check the weather forecast on the day of your arrival. The average yearly temperatures in the United States are much lower compared to those in Saudi Arabia. Since you are already packing your clothes why not use them as packing materials? Use the money you would spend on packing paper and bubble wraps on something else. Not to mention that soft materials like socks, towels, and blankets do a much better job in protecting fragile items. So, when you are packing your kitchen in moving boxes, use your clothes to fill any gaps and prevent your precious vine glasses from breaking. Nesting techniques are especially useful when packing your kitchen. For example, you can fit smaller bowls into larger ones. The same technique could be applied to all hollow items.

Packing hacks to save space: Don’t pack at all!

Your eyes are not fooling you; packing of some items could be a waste of time and space. For example, you can leave lightweight items like clothes, medications, and other small items that you don’t use regularly inside the desk and dresser drawers. Speaking of medications, if you are in the pharmaceutical business in Saudi Arabia, some companies offer quality clinical trial logistics services. The strategy of leaving items in drawers is very useful if you are moving on short notice, and you don’t have much time to pack. But be careful, this type of packing is only applicable to small, light items which are not fragile. Still, you could wrap office items in a stretch foil so that they don’t damage during transport. When you are done doing that, proceed to wrap the whole piece of furniture with stretch foil so that the drawers don’t fall out.

Picture of a stuffed animal in a drawer
Save more space in cardboard boxes by leaving some of the items in the drawers

Organize the packing process if you wish to save space

The best way to save precious space and to make sure you didn’t forget anything along the way is to properly organize the packing process. The best way to do so is to pack your items by rooms. For this process you will need:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Marker pens

Create an inventory list with all your household items, and tick them off that list as you place them in the boxes. Don’t forget to label the boxes by rooms and by type of items that are inside. As you can see, relocation is not that hard when you are organized and when you know packing hacks to save space. We wish you a safe relocation.

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