Should you trust online reviews when choosing moving services?

There are a lot of online places ( forums, groups, pages, websites) where you can see the ratings of a certain company. Maybe you have even experienced what does it mean when you hire a low rating company. People sometimes think that maybe the competition is lying or those are only negative experiences of individuals. Although that can be true, we can in general say that online reviews are a solid navigator in finding your dream company. The truth is that people rely on reviews.  When you type Four Winds Saudi Arabia, you will definitely find a lot of great reviews. Maybe there will be some of them that will be negative, however, the majority will be positive. Still, you have to be careful and you need to be very insightful when you are thinking about whether should you trust online reviews when choosing moving services. 

What do you need in order to decide whether to trust online reviews when choosing moving services?

Companies, like people, make mistakes also. We put a huge responsibility on them. Something that we definitely can confirm, however, is that the clients love to complain and criticize all the time. Hiring a reputable and professional moving company is what everyone wants in their extremely stressful moving process. Therefore, if you need international movers in Riyadh, you will most certainly find some companies with great reviews. Recommendations from friends and family are also important. Nevertheless, people usually turn to online reviews when they need help.

A man writing next to the computer
You need pros and cons when you are choosing the best moving company for you

So, here is a draft of what you need to pay attention to:

  • whether someone writes too much or too general
  • do not trust extreme attitudes
  • being too personal
  • learn to spot red flags

Too much or to general- never a good sign that you should trust online reviews when choosing moving services

We live in a very busy time. People work a lot, have the families they need to take care of. Also, free time is very important. That is why no one has time to read too long of a review. On the same note, no one from the moving company also does not have enough time to write it. That is why you should not trust the reviews that are over the top with their descriptions. A professional review is brief and summarizes both good and bad key points.  In addition, you cannot find out anything useful when the information provided is not specific. So, when you type relocation services Saudi Arabia -that is a great example of providing specific types of information.  Whether a company uses eco-friendly material, types of services, storage units-these are all specific and useful data that you will find in a nice review. 

Do not trust extreme attitudes

It is the same in private life. When someone is too extreme in their attitude, that is always a red flag. The same thing is with any type of review. It is simply not natural that something is too positive or too negative. Still, if it is, that means that someone is extremely satisfied or dissatisfied and that is really subjective. Moreover, it should not affect our opinion when we choose whether to trust online reviews when choosing moving and logistics services. So, when you run into a moving review that is unnaturally positive, be careful. Be especially cautious if they contain phrases, such as the best movers ever or similar since in 90% of the cases, those are fake. The same goes for overly negative reviews also. If it contains only harsh and rude comments maybe it is a hired competition. So, be careful indeed!

Shaking hands in an office
Putting your trust in a company can be a challenge

Being too personal is also not a good sign

In order to sound convincible, people writing a fake review can write some extremely non-important details. For example, the color of a moving truck, the names of the people from the delivery company-they are really not important when you are choosing your moving company. Of course, you can even have fun when you run into a fake comment. They can sometimes be really funny and creative. That is happening because people who are hired to write them, overdo it very often. So yes, you can have fun a bit, but also make sure to spot unimportant personal details in a review. It is almost always a sign that something is 100% fake. However, what is not fake is when you have the data about important people in the company-founders, CEOs, and similar. That piece of information is personal, but of professional importance also.

Learn to spot red flags

There are certainly some extremely known and visible red flags when you are choosing your moving company. If someone asks for cash only that is almost always a bad sign. Every respectable company requires only credit cards or other forms of payment that can be easily tracked in case something happens. Also, if they don’t have an official website that is also very suspicious. It is the 21st century after all and anyone who is serious about their business owns a website. Contact details are also very important. If e-mail addresses, phone contact, or even moving trucks are not visible and accessible, it can be a sign of a bogus company.  Additionally, if the company insists that you sign any blank or incomplete documents- you should avoid them.

A desperate woman in front of a laptop holding a cell phone
No one likes to read too long rmoving eviews.

All in all, online moving reviews can prove very useful for you. They are a good start. Also, there are specific reviews that can really help you if you cannot make a decision about the moving company. However, you should not trust them blindly. Just make sure to use them wisely and when necessary. You can also do a bit of research of the best ways how to spot a fake review online and that will help you too. 

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