Should you use a freight trailer for a long distance move

Deciding on moving long distance is not easy. It takes dedication and courage to do it. But it often brings many benefits, and that’s why many people do it. Moving by itself is difficult, no matter the distance covered. But as expected, long distance moves are way more complicated than local ones. That’s why it is mandatory to hire some shipping and logistics companies for help. But apart from that, there are other things that you can do to make your move easier. A freight trailer is just one of the things, and it might be the right one for you. In this article, we will talk about the reasons to use a freight trailer for a long distance move.

What is a freight trailer and how does a move like this work?

A freight trailer is a trailer used for transporting freight on land. It plays a great role in assisting many cargo companies in Jubail, and worldwide. They transport a large range of goods by road, therefore making better connections between two destinations, for example. But apart from commercial use, you can also use one when moving long distances. A 28-foot trailer will arrive at your address, and you will have three days to accommodate your items onto it. The good thing is that you will pay for the space that you use since there is space for many items, that one single household can usually not occupy. If the number of items you have changed, it will usually be okay. You will only have to pay less, or more, depending on the change.

Picture of trucks
You will have three days time

What are the things that you can expect if you use a freight trailer for a long distance move?

There are a few things that you can expect when you make this decision. Believe it or not, if you use a freight trailer for a long distance move, it will turn out cheaper than hiring movers. This type of cargo service in Saudi Arabia costs around $2000 for a long distance move while getting movers for the same distance would cost at least double this amount. It is not recommended to use this for local moves though, because the bad sides will outweigh the good ones. One bad side that comes with this decision is that you will have the transportation covered, but nothing else. The trailer will be at your address for some time, and you will have to do everything yourself. All the packing and loading of the boxes will be your task to do. If you have spare time and the motivation to do it, it will be a good way to move.

Keep in mind what items are not allowed

Same as when hiring movers, the majority of freight forwarding companies in Jeddah don’t allow some items of their vehicles. The list is the same including:

  • Perishable items and plants
  • Hazardous items that can harm the vehicle or the people involved in the move
  • Sentimental items that you could not stand losing
Picture of a stop sign
Some items are not allowed when you use a freight trailer for a long distance move

Final thoughts on whether you should use a freight trailer for a long distance move

When thinking if you should use a freight trailer for a long distance move, keep in mind that you will have to do everything if you don’t hire moving day help. But apart from this, it is a very good way to transport items if you have an abnormally big collection of items that wouldn’t fit in a standard van. We wish you good luck with your long distance move!

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