Storage insurance – do you need it?

Storage facilities are places that should safeguard people’s items. So a lot of people think that by finding a warehouse for rent in Jeddah they are finished as far as safety for their items is concerned. However, there are a lot of dangers that lurk from a typical storage unit. And most of the time, storage insurance is the only way to make sure that your items are going to stay safe.

Even though self-storage it meant to keep your items safe, you still need a storage insurance

Storage insurance maybe looks like an unnecessary expense. Why would you pay for safety if you already paid that your items are kept safe in a storage unit? Well, when you are renting an air conditioned warehouse you are just paying for space. If you are not paying for additional safety options, you cannot expect that your items will be completely safe. But what are the dangers that are lurking from storage facilities?

Air conditions display
Air conditions are one of the biggest threats to your items while they are inside a self-storage.

Things that you need to watch out for when keeping your items in a self-storage

There are many things that can happen to your items while they are in the storage unit. Here is a list of most common situations:

  • Moisture, heat, and dust are the biggest threats to your items’ wellbeing.
  • Pests are also one of the things that can destroy your items while they are in a storage unit.
  • Depending on your location, floods could also be one of the lurking dangers.
  • Theft is also one of the possible threats. Especially if your facility doesn’t have high security.

Protect your items from moisture heat and dust by buying a storage insurance

If you are renting an air-conditioned warehouse, you do not have to worry about environmental conditions. However, when you are renting a regular warehouse in Saudi Arabia, moisture, heat, dust could easily become an issue. Of course, your facility is not responsible for the damage by any of those conditions. If you want your items to be safe, storage insurance is the only way to do it.

Pests can destroy your items quickly even if you called pests control to wipe them out

When it comes to storage rooms, whether it is a storage room in your home or a commercial unit, pests are something that you cannot affect too much. Of course, you can do pest control, but that is usually a short term solution. And pests eventually find their way back in. If you do not want your furniture to be eaten by rats, mice, or termites, get storage insurance.

A few rats in a crate
Pests are one of the main reasons why you need storage insurance

If you are in a dangerous area, protect your items from flood

Floods are not always a threat. But if your facility is at a suitable location, your items could easily get flooded if conditions are met. Of course, the only way to foresee this is to buy proper storage unit insurance policy.

Raise your storage security or get proper storage insurance

Finally, probably the biggest threat to your items in a storage unit is theft. If you do not pay for extra safety, or your facility does not have a proper anti-theft system, you can either do something to increase your storage security, or you can get storage insurance.

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