The basics of bulky goods logistics

Nowadays, there’s a huge demand for shipping heavy and bulky items such as vehicles, for example. This demand is a product of e-commerce expansion year over year, especially since the pandemic. Shipping and logistics companies have a lot of work to do. However, bulky items are not easily transportable from one place to another. There’s a huge logistics background organization before you get your bulky items. In this article, you’ll find out the basics of bulky goods logistics.

What is the bulk cargo?

Bulk cargo, as its name suggests, is a commodity cargo that is transported in very large quantities. There are two types of bulk cargo: liquid and dry. Liquid bulk includes hazardous chemicals, petroleum, gasoline, liquid nitrogen, oils, etc. On the other hand, dry bulk is bulk in the solid-state. It includes bulk materials such as sand and gravel, copper, agricultural products, etc. Both types of cargo are put into ship bulk carriers, railroad wagons, trucks, trailers, or tankers.

Bulky goods logistics
The demand for bulky goods constantly increases

What is bulky goods logistics?

Simply put, bulky cargo logistics is the detailed coordination of bulky goods relocation from the manufacturer to the buyer. In order to be successful and to get to the final customer, bulky cargo has to go through several stages. Now, let’s see how does the bulky goods logistics chain look like:

  • Receiving bulky goods
  • Warehousing
  • Fulfillment: packing process and the right packing
  • Bulk shipping
  • CEP providers
  • Shipping costs
  • Using freight carriers, etc.

Bulk cargo logistics provide customers with different transportation options such as air freight, ocean freight, and road freight. Sea freight is the most common option. When it comes to the logistics companies in Saudi Arabia, they provide all types of services to and from different destinations around the world.

What services does relocation logistics include?

Moving, especially the one concerning bulk cargo, has to have a strong logistics system. No matter whether the relocation is local, long-distance, or international, it requires a system that can guarantee the safe relocation process from packing, storing, loading/unloading to the transport. For a customer to be satisfied with the service, logistics companies have to implement successful moving solutions. These services include:

  • Cargo transportation: includes air cargo, sea cargo, and railway cargo.
  • Freight forwarding services: moving goods from point A to point B on behalf of the cargo owner
  • Customs clearance: a procedure before goods are transported internationally
  • Packing, crating, and palletizing: bulk cargo should be handled with care to avoid issues so they have to be packed in special packages.
  • Warehousing: storing the cargo
  • Cold chain services: handling of sensitive goods carefully
Freight containers
A strong bulky goods logistics keeps bulk cargo safe

Bulky goods logistics: transportation

One of the main specializations of transport companies in Riyadh is the transportation of bulky goods. Transport is not only about moving the cargo from one point to another. It’s much more than just that. It requires a lot of knowledge and skills, and most of all, it requires safety. Most importantly, it requires strong and safe bulky goods logistics. Before the transportation, there’s long-term preparatory work to be realized. It can take from one week to even a month or two. That depends on several factors. There are a lot of things to consider, from the height of the cargo, the capacity of containers to the means of transportation and its route. Also, there’s the paperwork to handle in order for cargo to pass the customs.

The paperwork includes many custom clearance permissions. When all the conditions are fulfilled, then the cargo can be transported. As stated above, bulky goods can be transported by air, sea, or road. The transportation of heavy and bulky goods is mostly expensive, and several factors affect the price. The factors are the weight, the type of container, type of the vehicle, the price of special permissions, and escort services.

Vehicle shipping logistics

Shipping a vehicle is a demanding endeavor, especially if you are shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia. So, you’ll need your vehicles freighted overseas by a professional moving company. There are many reasons to hire professionals. By using their services, you save both time and money. And the shipping is quicker and safer. Besides that, you’ll pass the customs clearance without any trouble since the companies take care of the paperwork. You’ll avoid vehicle damage, and you get insurance. Cars and other vehicles are usually transported in containers adapted to carry heavy, bulky goods. Before transportation, your vehicles must undergo regular inspection and maintenance.

Parked moto vehicles
Bulky goods logistics also includes vehicle shipping

How to choose the right logistics company for transporting bulky goods

Bulky goods logistics is a very demanding process. Also, it requires a lot of expenses. Since bulk shipping is not so easy and, above all, is very expensive, you should find a reliable logistics company that will handle the bulky goods logistics properly. So, find a company that meets all the logistics requirements and offers full logistics service.

With Four Winds Saudi Arabia your bulky goods logistics will be perfect

Logistics is the key to successful bulk shipping. Without it, bulk freight wouldn’t be possible. Let professionals handle your bulky goods logistics. Having the help of a professional logistics company can greatly influence your business and the way customers appreciate your service. So, choose carefully. Contact Four Winds KSA and see why we are a synonym for perfect logistics. We will organize the packing, storing, transporting, and pick-up and drop-off of your cargo whenever and wherever you want. What makes us unique is the fact that your needs are our number one priority. We prepare the logistics plan immediately after receiving your inquiry. Above all, we listen to your requirements. Based on them, we make a logistics strategy. We are aware that shipments are different, so we always develop various shipping plans to meet your needs.

Our services include sea transport, local pick-up, packing and crating, warehousing, and cold chain logistics services. So, let us take care of your bulky goods logistics no matter what type of business you own. We promise you won’t regret hiring us. Have successful bulk shipping.

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