The challenges of packing for a local move

The challenges of packing for a local move can often be tedious and frustrating. There will be many objects you need to pack away in boxes.  Next, you’ll have to organize them for transportation, while taking care of daily commitments and work. All these details of moving are not something that many people look forward to, often due to the hassle and time required to achieve the desired results. So why not rely on one of the best packaging companies in Saudi Arabia? In this comprehensive list, we will be helping you with the most frequently faced problems during the moving process. We hope our suggestions will help you completely avoid them.

1. The new house is not ready

This could be one of the worst challenges of packing for a local move! Especially when you’ve already packed everything and is now waiting at the new location. Imagine spending hours packing your house, moving heavy furniture and taking the time to transport all your belongings to the new place only to find out that it isn’t ready to be used! You may find the paint is still wet, fences locked, floors are dusty, windows dirty or even visible scaffolding. There is almost nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed and angry as you realize that you have nowhere to live and the effort that you have put into moving has been for naught.

Paper receipt in grass in the form of an airplane
Remember to keep all receipts for costs incurred so that you may get compensated in the event that it is not all your fault (most of the time it is).

The solution to one of the worst challenges of packing for a local move

If possible, prevention is key to this problem. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, make backup plans just in case. Hire one of the best temperature controlled shipping companies if possible. In the weeks or months leading up to the moving day, communicate with the previous owners of your new house to ensure everything goes according to plan. Also, make sure that the new house’s renovations are in progress a few months before you move in

  • If the situation has already happened, do not worry. Arrange to spend a few nights at a hotel or inn or simply stay in with some relatives. Alternatively, you can return to your former home.
  • You can leave your belongings in storage if it is available. If not, rent an external warehouse or storage locker. Just make sure you always have emergency resources that you can turn to such as backup warehouses or storage facilities.

2. Not planning is one of the biggest mistakes you could make

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It is our motto! Don’t procrastinate with organizing the scheduling details of your moving day. Half of the challenges of packing for a local move happen because there is a lack of foresight and poor planning. Everyone is susceptible to it, whether it is a lack of concentration or lack of desire. If you don’t plan out the entire packing and moving process, expect to end up facing a lot of challenges. So how does one fix such a problem? Our advice is to start to make a timetable or calendar of the various tasks and moving dates that are essential. Write down exactly when your local moving company will be helping to shift your gear. Also, markdown when you desire to finish with packing all your stuff.

The hotel room you might need while you complete The challenges of packing for a local move
Make plans for accommodation and backups in case emergencies happen.

3. Challenges of packing for a local move: Planning your finances

You need enough money in the bank for payments, whether it is for the moving services or administrative paperwork. Checklists, reminders, and notes are very helpful tools in helping break down the planning process. It doesn’t have to be a long, complicated ordeal – take a few minutes in your day to complete one task, then come back to it again after a break. This gradual step-by-step type of planning ensures that you don’t feel any rush. Then you can easily check every step along the way to guarantee that nothing goes wrong. In case things do go bad, you have a safeguard against total disaster.

4. Dealing with missing items

Among all the common challenges of packing for a local move, the possibility of losing items while moving is a true concern. It is especially common due to the hectic schedules of some movers or a lack of organization of boxes when packing. Losing your favorite heirloom will not be a pleasant experience at all, especially due to the sentimental value those objects possess. So it is exceptionally important to keep track of where you place your items when packing. Sometimes, it isn’t your fault because there are some movers that may be unprofessional and misplace boxes, or even worse, steal your belongings! Though it is your fault you hired them without thorough research.

Hire a trustworthy moving company to be sure that they will properly safeguard your belongings.

Be very meticulous when labeling your boxes because that way you will be able to easily identify where your belongings are. During the moving process, keep an eye on the boxes carefully. There is always a possibility of shady neighbors or strangers stealing your stuff while your movers are busy. Additionally, in some instances cleaners may mistake your boxes for trash, so make sure you keep an eye out in case of mishaps occur. In the event that you lose any of your belongings, you can file a complaint or use your insurance claim to get compensation.

5. Damaged items are part of the challenges of packing for a local move

Damaged items are probably one of the most common challenges when you are packing for a local move. Some movers can get rough or be clumsy, and for whatever reason, they may not take enough care to ensure your furniture and items are safe during the relocation. Follow these tips to avoid such a scenario.

  • Always wrap your belongings generously in protective bubble wrapping before placing them into boxes (most reputable movers will provide this)
  • Seal the box properly a way that nothing falls out or shifts around too much inside.
  • For large furniture, ensure that the edges are covered and that no heavy objects are placed above delicate objects in the truck/van.
  • Insist that movers be careful when moving objects such as pianos and paintings.
  • Similar to the case above, you can file a complaint or claim insurance for broken items.
Floor plane
Map out a floor plan of the new house to ensure that the movers know where they will be shifting your furniture.

6. Not having enough packing material

This problem arises when you underestimate the number of items that you are moving to your new abode. This can manifest in the form of not having enough boxes or wrap to properly pack your items with. Solution: Listen carefully to the estimate your local moving company gives you and pack accordingly. Plan out your packing process well and sort items by category and size. Just to be sure, you should purchase excess bubble wrapping material. Furthermore, get more boxes than you think you need because they are cheap, foldable and can be stored away easily. They might also come in handy in the future.

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