The future of freight transport

Today, distance is no longer an obstacle in international business and transport. Modern means of communication are getting business partners closer together so it’s necessary to provide logistic support to all stakeholders. Quality requirements are becoming more pronounced, so the future of freight transport becomes a crucial question of the 21st century. If you are looking into the transportation of goods or moving, the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia provides cargo transportation, warehouse services, freight forwarding, and many more.

The future of air freight

The air cargo market is influenced and simulated mostly by e-commerce. There is a high demand for parcel shipping, and the numbers prove the point- 7.4 billion parcels are shipped every year. Developing technologies and capacity of ground cargo influenced a 2,8% increase in air freight. More international airports are operating 24/7, and even if your cargo can be shipped for a higher price, air freight to Saudi Arabia is the faster way.

Aircraft wing in the sky
Freight transport is the process of transporting goods and cargo

The future of freight transport will also bring fully automated warehouses, green vehicles, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will bring much faster shipping. For example, air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia can travel anywhere from three days to 50 days.

Road freight

Road transport should be a priority when it comes to economic recovery programs, at both the national and international levels. In the shortest possible time in front of us, it is necessary to harmonize and optimize procedures at border crossings. In the future to come, a system for announcing the arrival of trucks and green corridors can reduce costs and accelerate the flows of goods. This is a great chance for further development of the economy. It is necessary to continue the process of digitalization. In the future of freight transport, we need to use all measures so that institutional procedures are in the interest of improving the business of the carrier.

Truck on a highway
Road freight is a method of transport that is both fast and less costly

The future of freight transport via sea

The shipping industry is in a need to constantly adapt, as international shipping is currently slowing down in growth. Add an increase in vessel sizes and the market that’s evolving- container diversity might be the answer for the future in sea freight. In the previous year of development, companies have developed numerous specialist container ships, in order to stay in demand. Besides different cargo ships, there is a variety of services provided. You can find shipping companies in Saudi Arabia that offer services like live load, drop-off service, and many more.

There are many specialist container ships in the market nowadays. Container ships that will have controlled atmospheres, remote control air temperature, hibernation for fruits to keep them from ripening with remote adjusting of O2 and Co2, and many more. There is also a downside to the future of freight transport. It’s not always possible to use their special container for other products. So they might return to their port empty, causing an imbalance in the supply chain.

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