The Most Common Moving Terms

Relocating from one residence to another can often feel like a bottomless pit of details. It’s no easy task, from selecting reputable logistics services international to organizing your home for efficient packing. As you begin working with your chosen moving company, you will be introduced to new concepts related to your upcoming move. Some related to your contract, other most common moving terms include preparation and actual moving day. Luckily, we’ve compiled a convenient guide below of some of the most common ones for a premium moving experience.

Let’s start with the basics: what is moving agent?

A moving company that works with a van line or a carrier and will manage booking, processing, moving, and delivery for you.

What is bill of lading?

An essential document that acknowledges you received your belongings. It serves as the contract with the movers. It will state the mover’s name and contact info, the transportation schedule for air freight from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines, as well as define the terms and conditions of payment for your move. Most importantly it should list the total moving charges, detailed information related to the valuation of your things, and how much the mover will be liable for if there is any loss or damage.

A burning match
Non-movables is a moving term for hazardous materials, poisonous materials, and perishables that you cannot transport in a moving truck.

Most common moving terms: Binding/non-binding estimate

A binding estimate is a true cost of your relocation based on the on-site survey of the home that lists costs for every aspect of the move. Any changes to a moving estimate during the relocation can cause additional charges. On the other hand, a non-binding estimate offers flexibility during the move. Costs will be incurred for elements that may happen during the moving process.

Most common moving terms: blankets

Thick heavy padding used to protect furniture and other items by wrapping them during the moving process.

Bulky items

Large, heavy, and bulky items that require several skilled and trained moving professionals to carry. Oddly shaped objects that require specialized packing such as pianos, vehicles, etc. Moving experts approach these articles with special supplies, tools, and techniques.

Most common moving terms: Carrier

The authorized moving company that is transporting household goods to the destination during your relocation.


A request to recover funds or compensation for damaged goods that happened while materials were under the care of the carrier is one the most common moving terms and situations.

Packing terms

  • Full-service packing is one of the most common moving terms. In this scenario, a moving company provides all packing materials and packs all belongings. Otherwise known as PBC (packed by carrier);
  • Partial packing: a combination of PBC (packed by carrier) and PBO. PBO here stands for “packed by owner”;

DOT (Department of Transportation):

An organization that regulates all kinds of transportation. They issue a DOT number, which is one of the most important moving terms. It is as a way to identify that a moving company has a license with them, which is mandatory for operation.

FMCSA (the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration):

Oversees consumer protection regulations and arranges the rules regarding interstate relocations.

Packing supplies are most common moving terms
An essentials box is a must when packing items that can help you get through the final days of the move and the first 24 hours in your new home

Storage services have some of the common moving terms

There are many types of storage services and facilities. The most common type of people rent is temporary short-term storage. They use them for keeping goods before movers deliver them and unloaded at the final destination.

There is also temperature-controlled storage

Regulates temperature to a range of degrees in the storage facility to protect your valuables from damage related to oscillations in temperature and also humidity.

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