The process of moving from KSA to Europe during the pandemic

As if moving wasn’t complicated as it is, the hit of the coronavirus makes it even more so. If you plan your moving from KSA to Europe during the pandemic, read on. The national shipping company of Saudi Arabia will give you some insights on the topic.

Moving from KSA to Europe during the pandemic

The outbreak of the pandemic has caused many issues. Travel restrictions, delays, and the list goes on. If you plan container shipping from UK to Saudi Arabia, it’s feasible. As leaders in the field, we take pride in providing excellent logistics services, even in these challenging times. But, if you plan to move from KSA to Europe during the pandemic, things get more complex. The situation is dynamic, which means things are changing quickly. New rules and measures are introduced daily. It’s indeed a challenging time to plan a relocation. It would be best if you can postpone your moving from KSA to Europe and ensure stress-free new beginnings. Let’s see why, in continuation.

Shipping containers
Commercial moving has significantly fewer limitations, unlike residential relocations

Find out if you are allowed to travel to Europe from KSA

At the moment, the EU strongly advises against all non-essential travels. Besides, there are restrictions on travel from third countries. This means, that unless you are an expatriate holding EU citizenship, the chances of moving to Europe from KSA during the pandemic are slim. As a relocation company worthy of your trust, we wish to give you objective information and help you decide what is best for you. So, find out if you are allowed to travel to the EU at this time. Use trusted sources, like official government sites, who make regular updates. Or better yet, contact the Embassy or Consulate of the country you prefer, and ask for individual guidance. Like this, you will keep yourself safe from mistakes. Better days will come soon. And so, you won’t need to cause yourself unnecessary stress with complexities related to moving from KSA to Europe during the pandemic.

Empty train
Restrictions on movement affect daily life across Europe – moving from KSA to Europe during the pandemic is challenging

EU Visa application during the pandemic

A visa is an essential travel document that you need, so to move to Europe. This applies to almost all non-EU citizens. The pandemic has an impact on the visa process as well. Applications are now on hold or withheld. You can find yourself in need of storage services, due to the delays. Depends on the country that you intend to move to, as well as your exact purpose of stay, various requirements apply. This is why we highly recommend you do in-depth research from official sources, as the guidelines may vary on an individual level. In general, currently, your best bet is:

  • relocation sorted by the company you work for
  • if you have a family member with EU residency, you can apply for a family reunion visa

Other than these two options, there aren’t many left. Moving from KSA to Europe during the pandemic is a challenge.

As you can see, at current, residential relocation options are few and far in between. Not only when it comes to the EU, but the picture is similar globally. We recommend you to use the time available now to prepare well for your future move. Follow the guidance of The World Healthcare Organisation and find your best moving company in the meanwhile. Moving from KSA to Europe during the pandemic is complex, but we are here to assist you once you are ready. Good luck and stay safe!

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