The pros and cons of relocating to KSA for a job

Do you have an offer to move to KSA for a job? The opportunity to work and live in Saudi Arabia does not occur every day.  It can be a very good challenge and a good step forward in your career. However, an important question now arises such as how will you adapt to life there. Will you be able to accept rules and lifestyles that are still unknown to you? This does not have to be a problem if you find out the answers to your questions before you leave. We will introduce you to the pros and cons of relocating to KSA, so you can adapt easier. Saudi Arabia is a rich country that offers many opportunities in addition to a nice income and a new life experience,  and there is a possibility to progress in the business world.

Earnings are higher in Saudi Arabia

Earnings are higher than in most Western countries. This is not a small thing when you think about the advantages of moving to KSA for work. You will also most likely be provided with an apartment and a car. Therefore, you can just contact relocation companies in Jaddah to help you move your belongings, and not worry about finding an apartment or house in KSA. In most cases, people work six days a week, but that also depends on the job you do. As for vacation, you can usually get it once a year. This will not be at all strange to Americans, while for most Europeans this will be unusual. The return flight to your homeland, as well as health insurance, is mainly what most employers offer in Saudi Arabia. You will surely be more than satisfied with your earnings. Also, what can be extremely important to you is that you can achieve important life and business goals here.

Pros and cons of relocating to KSA- you will earn more money
As for earnings, you will be more than satisfied!

You get additional favorable conditions for living like nowhere else in the world

Where else in the world will your employer offer you, for example, a fully furnished five-room apartment with two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a balcony in the company’s own apartment building. If you want to transfer your belongings to your new apartment, you can easily achieve this with the help of logistics services international. Mostly the apartment you’ll get will be with a decor that is functional and western, with TVs, and central air conditioning. Living conditions here will more than satisfy all your needs and desires. Let’s not forget another important thing to note, and that is taxes. In Saudi Arabia, taxes are not paid. So the full amount of salary goes right into your pocket.

Pros and cons of relocating to KSA – Weather in Saudi Arabia is definitely pros

When you move to Saudi Arabia for work, if you love nice weather, the weather conditions here are something you will surely like. The weather here is nice all year round.  Almost eight months a year temperatures reach up to 50 degrees. It’s nice when you can enjoy the sun and warm weather every single day, isn’t it? You don’t need thick jackets and boots, but you can walk in T-shirts and slippers all year round. Who else has the desire to work when it rains all day and the weather is gloomy? You will definitely not experience that here.

Cirrus clouds in sky
Pros and cons of relocating in KSA. For all fans of beautiful weather, Saudi Arabia is the place you want to be!

Cons of relocating to KSA – KSA has restricted freedom of movement

This is perhaps the most difficult to accept for foreigners coming to KSA to work. In essence, although no one specifically forbids it, it is still recommended that you do not walk alone in some parts of the city. As for going on some long walks, it is certainly not easy due to the structure of the cities. Sidewalks are quite rare – they are difficult to use anyway. That is why it is necessary to have a car or a driver in Saudi Arabia.


The traffic here is far from what you are probably used to. Safety on the road does not seem to come first. The main goal is to get to the desired destination as quickly as possible. In principle, tapes are not considered here. It is not uncommon for someone to turn left from the far right lane – and vice versa. The siren is generally more important than the brakes, and the indicators are poorly used. As soon as there is a traffic gap that could be almost the width of your car, you push through it. Even if they usually have a lot of time at disposal, everyone here seems to be in a hurry. As for the price of gasoline, it is outrageously low. You get a full tank for about $ 6.

Car side mirror showing heavy traffic
Chaotic traffic is something you will have to get used to if you move to KSA.

Healthy lifestyle

When you move here for work you will have more time for a healthy lifestyle. It will just somehow impose itself on you. You will not drink alcohol (alcohol is forbidden here), so you will probably go to bed earlier. Another benefit is that you will definitely have more time to do sports. In the evening you can see women in black veils walking and men jogging in some corners. It seems to have got around with some people that a certain amount of exercise is beneficial for the body.  You will have no problem adapting to the KSA lifestyle.

We have presented to you some of the pros and cons of relocating to KSA. We are sure that if you embark on this adventure and accept a job in Saudi Arabia you will not regret it. You will have an easy time spotting game-changing job opportunities here. Good luck with your new job.

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