The traits of a good warehouse manager

If your warehouse still does not have a manager, it’s time to hire one. In case you want to find out some of the best shipping and logistics companies that have great storage units and warehouses, just go online and explore a bit. Having an experienced professional in this role can really boost your productivity. Every great team needs a dedicated leader. Choosing the right person is essential. We can say that the traits of a good warehouse manager are mostly fixed. You need to have great organizational skills. You need to be a good leader and communicate in the right way. Those are some basics, we can say. Finding the right person for the job is a crucial step. It is because they need to ensure smooth, efficient warehouse operations. Being a warehouse manager is a truly multifaceted role.

Let’s list together some of the main traits of a good warehouse manager

In order to understand the traits, we need to check the job description first. The warehouse manager needs to oversee picking, storage, and receiving. Also, the manager needs to take care of dispatching, security, and maintenance. In the end, the manager needs to think of sanitation and administrative functions. Indeed, there are a lot of things that a warehouse manager needs to think of. It is a very serious role that influences the whole warehouse procedure. That is why the person needs to be responsible and serious in the first place. If you type warehouse in Saudi Arabia, in case you need one, you will not regret it. Mainly because these warehouses have some of the finest warehouse managers.

Leadership letters written on the blackboard and drawing of a muscle arm next to it
One of the main traits of a good warehouse manager is a leadership skill

A warehouse manager needs to be:

  • outstanding and experienced leader
  • great in organizational skills
  • calm
  • to have “out of the box” thinking

Outstanding and experienced leadership is definitely one of the main traits of a good warehouse manager

The manager position sounds tempting. Still, people often neglect to see the hard work and tough decisions you need to make. Sure, when you type warehouse Jeddah, no matter what type of services do you need you will be very pleased with the experience. Great service also means that all those companies have charismatic managers. In addition, one of the most important traits is to be an inspiring leader who also respects their workers. That way, productivity, and working atmosphere will be on the highest level possible since the staff will be happy. In addition, have in mind that sometimes it’s much wiser to choose a candidate with less experience, than hiring someone with 15 years of experience. Maybe the person has more business experience but does not know the relevant procedures.

A man standing in the warehouse
A good manager needs to be calm and assertive

Great organizational and problem-solving skills

Of course, you need to have basic administrative organizational skills. However, great warehouse managers know that that is not enough. In order to be a good warehouse manager, you need to learn how to utilize all the various tools that you already have. The skills and tools need to run operations in the most efficient manner possible. In addition, a good manager needs to know how to manage people in order to achieve the best results possible.  You need to be precise and on top of the details. Utilizing technology in an effective manner is also very important. A good warehouse manager needs to know to create effective systems that can improve operating productivity and organization profits.

A sense of calm is very important for any manager

In any business, things can sometimes go wrong. For example, you can have issues with inventory/supply chain management. You can have issues with the lazy workers. Or even to put it simply, accidents happen. Your job as a warehouse manager is not only to make sure that things don’t go wrong but also to react calmly if something does. The last thing anyone wants is a warehouse manager who will snap under pressure. Even in the worst of situations, proficient managers work calmly until they solve the problem. You need to be calm no matter which type of warehouse you work for. The most popular types are air conditioned warehouse, long-term, short-term, etc.

 “Out of the box” thinking

When you are a warehouse manager, you need to be focused on the present time. However, you need to be able to prepare your business for the future also. A good manager needs to have updates about the changes in logistics companies on a daily basis.  All in all, you need someone who is invested. You need someone who is truly passionate and creative in problem-solving. That means that efficient warehouse managers will invest their time in researching technologies that will give their warehouses a competitive edge. The core of the warehouse manager’s organization should be a very HQ warehouse management system. One of the most efficient upgrades was definitely using bar codes in warehouses all around the world.

A modern warehouse
Modern warehouses demand modern warehouse managers

Maybe to you,  warehouse managing sounds easy. People have a lot of prejudices when they hear the word warehouse.  They do not see a businessman, but a blue-collar worker. Some of you would even go that far and tell that it is enough just to go online and type “how to manage a warehouse”. However, a good warehouse manager is here to prove you wrong. You don’t have to wear a suit in order to manage things. Managing a warehouse requires someone efficient. The person also needs to be organized. Of course, a highly focused person can learn a lot of things during training, but not anyone can be a warehouse manager.

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