Things people forget during an international move

It is extremely stressful to organize an international move. The distance is the major reason why. When you are moving locally, it is not a huge deal if you forget something. The same thing applies when moving long-distance. Driving a couple of hours is not the same as flying a couple of hours to reach your destination. Of course, you can always buy the items you left behind. However, there are things people forget during an international move which you cannot replace that easily. For this reason, here is the list of the most common forgotten items and chores to do before you move. Luckily, you can always use air freight from Saudi Arabia to Philippines if you find yourself in this situation.  

Things people forget during an international move – before the move! 

It is important to take care of your old house before you move out. This includes the following. 

  • Electricity and Water – if no one is going to move in, you need to turn off your electricity and water panels.  
  • Smoke Detectors – again, you should see if your smoke detectors are working properly. Change the batteries if necessary. In addition to this, you should also see if smoke detectors are in good condition when you reach your new house. Remember, safety first! 
  • Auto/Health/Life insurance – you should update your insurance, whether it is your auto, health, or life insurance. Of course, updating your car insurance depends on your decision to ship your car or not. However, updating health and life insurance is important. Make sure it is valid in your new country as well. 
  • Bank accounts – make sure to notify your bank as well, especially if you have debts, mortgage, etc.  
person writing down Things people forget during an international move
Check your insurance policies before your international move

Items that people do not remember to pack 

Again, pay attention to the following things. 

  • Safe-deposit box – if you have one, make sure to get all the contents. If not, it can be difficult to retrieve it. In addition to this, shipping internationally might be an option here as your safe deposit box is extremely valuable. 
  • Dry cleaning – if you use dry cleaning services regularly, then you might remember to pack your clothes. However, if you are not a regular customer, then, you might forget to pick up your clothes.  
  • Hidden valuable items – if you plan to keep your house, then, do not forget to bring your spare keys. In addition to this, go through your cabinets. Maybe you will find a couple of hidden gifts.  

Apart from this, be smart about logistics services international. Give yourself time to find a reliable shipping company or international movers.  

Things people forget during an international move – storage 

Are you using storage services? It is very convenient to rent a storage unit. If you need more space in your home, get a unit. When you are renovating, moving, having guests over, a storage unit is a smart solution. However, when you are moving internationally, you can keep renting your storage unit or terminate your contract. Do not forget to notify your storage facility so you can find a solution. Whatever the case might be, remember to go through your unit. In addition to this, do not forget about your garage, attic, and basement. Since you will not move everything, decide what to do with your items. You can sell them, donate to charities, give something to your friends and family, or throw away. Lastly, return borrowed items to their original owners.  

white car in the drive away
Go through your garage to see if you will move some items stored there


Medicines are probably one of the most important things you need to pack. However, people still tend to forget them the most. You should not make such a mistake, especially if you are suffering from some chronic disease. In addition to this, you should pack your medicines in your essential bag. Before packing, it is important to inspect each product. See if they are past their expiration date if you will have enough for the first couple of weeks, etc. Also, you should bring medication against headache or stomachache just in case. You should also consult with your doctor. See if you can get more pills than usual, find an alternative, etc. Lastly, you have to check if you can bring your medicines at all. Every country has its own list of forbidden medicines. Therefore, check beforehand if your medicines are on the list.  

Things people forget during an international move – important documents 

You might think it is impossible to forget your important documents. However, you would be surprised. Most people remember to bring passports, visas, permits, etc. Other personal documents do not seem so important as you do not need them to enter the country. Still, it would be wise to prepare the following documents as well. 

  • Personal documents – birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving license, etc. 
  • Work-related documents – your work contract, references, CV, diplomas, language certificate, etc. 
  • House documents – if you plan to keep your home, then, bring rental agreements, mortgage documents, insurance, etc. 
  • Financial documents – from your bank, tax receipts, etc. 
  • School documents – when moving with kids, bring their grades, certificates, diplomas, etc. 
  • Pets – medical records of your pets, permits, etc.  

In order not to lose your document, get one binder. Additionally, it would be wise to scan your documents, just in case something happens to physical copies. 

person holding papers
Prepare your personal documents and remember to pack them as well

Phone and laptop chargers  

It is hard to imagine life without your favorite gadgets. However, you need to charge your phone, laptops, and other devices. You can do it with their chargers. It sounds pretty simple, except, what happens when you forget to bring them? Buying a new charger can be pretty expensive, especially at the airport. For this reason, pack your chargers together with the rest of your essential items. This would be all. There are the most common things people tend to forget during an international move. Start preparing one time. Make a checklist. This will keep you well organized and you will not forget anything. 

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