Things to Consider When Shipping Clinical Supplies

Today, everything depends on shipping. Every industry either gets or gives something via shipping. Medicine is no different. We all know how important it is, especially in a time after the pandemic. With the daily discoveries in the field of medicine, it might be one of the industries that are the most dependent on shipping. That’s why companies that produce medical equipment only use the best shipping and logistics companies. If you are just starting this business, everything will be confusing. That’s why we are here today with the things to consider when shipping clinical supplies to help you out.

What are some things to consider when shipping clinical supplies?

Shipping is a complex industry that requires knowledge to navigate. Clinical trial logistics are some of the most difficult ones to operate, for many reasons. Clinical supplies are very expensive, fragile, and often heavy and oddly shaped items. All these items need special care and preparation when shipped, often worldwide. The longer the route, the more unexpected things can happen, especially nowadays with the problems in this industry. Some of the things to consider when shipping clinical supplies are:

  • Plan ahead
  • Use special packaging
  • Pay attention to overseas shipments
  • Use insurance and tracking services
Picture of a doctor with coins in his hands
One of the things to consider when shipping clinical supplies is the fragility of the items

Plan ahead

Planning is a big game changer in every business that includes shipping. Many factors are unpredictable, and you need to prepare for that as well as possible. Using some logistic services international is a good step to take, especially when the need for your clinical supplies is urgent.

Special packaging

As we said before, medical equipment is fragile. That makes special packaging a must. Depending on the type of items that you ship, you need to work with packaging engineers to find the best package for your items. Just using a normal crate and some packing material isn’t enough in this situation.

Overseas shipment

When shipping overseas, the chance of something happening is higher. The long-distance means that your shipment will go through different counties, which can be a problem due to customs. Every country has different policies, so there might be a problem with something legal in your country. You need to investigate all the laws and regulations of every country that your shipment will go through and prepare for that accordingly. For the long trip ahead, you might even consider some cold chain services. Clinical supplies often require special and consistent temperatures during shipping, which cannot be expected from a normal shipping container. This comes at a higher price, which you should also keep in mind.

Insurance and tracking services

No matter how well you prepare and which company services you use to ship your item, there will be shipping challenges on the road. The best thing you can do is get insurance for your items and use tracking services. Insurance will help cover you from financial losses while the tracking gives you an insight into the location of your shipment. In the past, it has been an additional feature, but now tracking has become mandatory.

Picture of a person researching the things to consider when shipping clinical supplies
Insurance is a must for a long road

Conclusion on things to consider when shipping clinical supplies

The things to consider when shipping clinical supplies are things that you need to think about well before you start shipping your items. This preparation takes time and financial investment, so you should think about it on time. We wish you good luck in the adventure that is ahead of you!

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