Tips for cleaning your storage unit

Renting a storage unit is one thing that many of us are going to have to do at a certain point in our lives. In that situation, we are going to have to figure out what kind of storage unit we are going to need. Obviously, a warehouse in Saudi Arabia may come in different shapes and sizes. Also, the range of amenities that a storage unit can have is pretty large. So, if you decide to rent one you should make sure to find out as much as you can about what you can get. Then, decide what amenities you really need. Then, complete cleaning your storage unit and move your items in. Once you have one rented, make sure to keep it clean and tidy. We are going to help you do exactly that with our tips for cleaning your storage unit. Stay tuned!

Keeping your storage unit clean

There are many reasons why you should want to keep your storage unit clean. Still, one of the most important ones is going to be safety-related.

Wet floor sign
Keep your storage unit maintained and you will not have to clean again

As you know, people tend to store all kinds of different items in their storage units. Therefore, the odds of having pest issues can skyrocket if the storage units are not kept clean at all times. Obviously, this is something that is going to be related to the pest control in the warehouse too. Still, once you choose a storage provider, no matter whether you are renting a top-quality warehouse in Jeddah or you may have rented a low-tier storage unit, you should do your part in making sure that your unit remains as clean as possible. 

So, Our first tip for today is to do whatever you can to keep your storage unit spotless. It is going to pay off in the long run.

Cleaning your storage unit the right way

The above subtitle could sound a bit pretentious, right? After all, it is implying that there is only one way to keep your storage unit clean. Well, it is really not so. There are some guidelines that you should follow in any case of course. Still, you will not be conducting the same activities when cleaning your storage unit for cold chain services and just a regular warehouse.

Therefore, we are going to focus on what they have in common today. It is the following:

  • Use the right chemicals
  • Declutter
  • Organize your storage unit
  • Maintain the storage unit clean

Let’s take a closer look at these activities that will help you with cleaning your storage unit.

Use the right chemicals

The first thing that you should make sure to do is to buy the right chemicals for cleaning your storage unit.

This is important because depending on the situation in your storage unit, you may need to invest in stronger chemicals than the ones that you are using in your home or in your basement. Simply, pests love dark and cold places. Storage units are usually just like that. Therefore, in order to keep them out, you should make sure to use the proper detergents.

You need to invest in chemicals in order to clean well
Use the right chemicals to clean the storage unit

Depending on how your items arrived in your storage units, you may want to think about cleaning them. After all, if you have been using the service of container shipping, your items may not arrive all that clean.


The next thing that we need to talk about is the clutter. Regardless of whether you are renting storage units for your own needs or for the company’s, the fact is that many of us have plenty of clutter in our Riyadh storage units. 

So, in order to begin cleaning your storage unit, you need to let go of the excess items. What you have not been using for some time, needs to go. It is very important, to be honest with yourself when you get down to cleaning. Simply, you will not be able to keep your storage unit in order if it is overwhelmed with stuff.

Therefore, start cleaning your storage unit by getting rid of the items that you really do not need. Those are the items sitting around gathering dust.

Organize your storage unit

As you could have noticed by now, cleaning your storage unit is an activity that never stops. Also, it is not about cleaning all that much. In fact, it is a lot more about making sure that you maintain your storage unit in good shape.

So, in order to keep it as clean as possible, you should do your part in keeping it organized.

This is not that difficult a thing to do. You just have to come up with a plan on how to do it. There are several things that you can do in order to keep your storage unit organized:

  • Introduce shelves if there are no inside
  • Store your items in plastic boxes. The moving ones can be very beneficial in this sense
  • Keep in an inventory list

With good organization, there will not be much to clean in the first place.

Maintain the storage unit clean

Ultimately, you should make sure that your storage units remain clean at all times.

cleaning your storage unit is much easier when it is well-organized
Keep it organized and you will have no issues with maintaining your storage unit clean

We know that this is something that we have been talking about since the beginning of this text. Still, it is too important not to dedicate some more to it.

Maintenance is the key to know where your items are. Also, in those storage units that are always clean, no pests are going to find a reason to infest. So, if you want to make your own life easier, you will do what we are suggesting you to. Keep your storage unit clean at all times. Do this by cleaning small bits every time there is dust or dirt around. All of these will make sure that your storage unit is tidy at all times. Tidiness means less cleaning your storage unit.

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