Tips for preparing your items for storage unit

If you will be storing some items in a storage unit in Saudi Arabia, it is crucial to know how to prepare them properly. Rarely can you find items that you can just chuck in a storage unit without any previous preparation and hope to later find them in perfect condition. Of course, a lot of it depends on the condition of your warehouse. Therefore finding a decent warehouse for rent in Jeddah will also be one of your goals. However, even if you locate a great facility, with the best possible conditions, preparing your items for storage unit will be required. That is if you plan to use those items again in the future. Here are the tips on how to prepare your items for a long storage life.

First, you need to make sure that your items will be stored in proper conditions – Locate a decent storage facility

When you decide that it is time to remove some items from your home, the first thing is to find proper storage. Like in every country, in Saudi Arabia you can find good and bad storage facilities. Luckily, good storages prevail. Nevertheless, you should still do some research before you decide to rent a unit. Bad storages around the world, and in Saudi Arabia, are suffering from all kinds of different issues. But mostly you can expect to find, units with moisture, pests, and security issues.

Storage facility
Your items will be 100% safe only if you find a well-maintained facility

Warehouse Riyadh, on the other hand, is one of the best facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether you are looking for climate-controlled units, a racked warehouse for your import & export needs, or you only look for a traditional storage unit. Also, in the best facilities in Saudi Arabia, you will have no trouble with those common issues. The only thing that you should protect your items from is dust and the test of time, which are both inevitable.

But do not forget to ask about specific storage restrictions

When you find a storage facility that you think will offer proper conditions for keeping your items, you need to learn about their restrictions. Some items are not allowed to be kept in a storage unit. Before you rent one, you need to know those restrictions. Here is the list of items that are prohibited in most storage facilities around the world:

  • Hazardous, Combustible, Toxic Materials, and Chemicals like gasoline, propane tanks, compressed gas, kerosene, oil, grease, acids, corrosives, fertilizers, paint, cleaners, chemicals, illicit drugs, medications, biological waste, asbestos products, fireworks, dynamite, weapons or ammunition. When you are preparing your items for a storage unit, make sure that they are not on this list.
  • Food and animal products
  • Cars, Trucks, ATVs, Motorcycles, Personal Water Craft, and Boats need special permission from your storage facility.
  • Radioactive devices or items that contain radioactive materials
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • All illegal substances and items

When preparing your items for a storage unit first acquire proper packing supplies

that you are aware of prohibited items, you can start thinking about preparing your items for a storage unit. Of course, first you need to acquire proper packaging materials. Import export companies in Saudi Arabia know how important it is to properly pack items that will be stored in a warehouse for a long time. That is why they always choose to pack their items in quality boxes and wraps. So that is what you should do too.

Bubble plastic and packing tape
Do not forget to acquire bubble plastic and packing tape when preparing your items for storage unit

Prepare quality cardboard boxes, few plastic containers with lids, lots of bubble plastic, wrapping foil, vacuum bags and, of course, packing tape. If you will be packing lots of different items, it will also be important to label them properly. So do not forget markers and labels.

Clean your items before packing

Before you start packing your household items, it is important to clean them appropriately. Sometimes, there are things that are hiding in your stuff that you are not aware of. And in they can damage your things if you pack them alongside your stuff. Especially in the long run. Therefore, proper cleaning of your belongings will ensure that they will be safe.

Pack your items in plastic containers if you can

The best way to make sure that your items are protected is to pack them in plastic bins. Particularly plastic bins with airtight lids. This is a costly option, however. That is why people use it only when they do not have many items to store. Plastic containers will protect your stuff from moisture, dust, pests, and outside smell. You can stack them on top of each other as much as you want. Useful if you are tight on space. Also, one of the advantages is that they are transparent so you can easily identify items inside.

Cardboard boxes

If you are not willing to spend too much money on containers, you can use cardboard boxes. However, you need to be aware that your stuff will be vulnerable to moisture and pests like rats and mice. In addition, you will need to spend time labeling them so you can later locate items that you need.

Preparing electronic devices for the storage unit

Items that are vulnerable to moisture, like electronics, need special attention when packing them for storage.  Those items should be kept in plastic containers. If you do not have a proper container, you can use their original boxes. If you are shipping to Saudi Arabia, to protect them from outside humidity, add few layers of plastic wrapping around the box. Luckily, when they arrive in Saudi Arabia, you will have no such issues.

old cassette player radio
Keep your electronics safe from dust and moisture

Preparing clothes for storage unit

If you are preparing your clothes for a storage unit, first you need to wash them. Then, before packing them, you need to make sure that they are completely dry. Only then you can pack them. Even though you can pack them in a plastic, or even cardboard box the best solution is to use vacuum bags. Vacuum bags will keep your clothes fresh and clean indefinitely, and it is a great way to save precious space.

How to handle furniture and appliances

When you want to store furniture, if its bed, table or chair you are thinking about, the best way is to disassemble them. That way you can wrap every piece and it will save space in your storage unit. You can buy a mattress box for the soft part of your bed, or you can wrap it in plastic.  If you will be storing closets or shelves, for example, you can use them to store other items inside of them.

When you want to store appliances, first make sure that you clean them properly as they are usually full of food residue. After that, wrap them in bubble plastic and tape it with packing tape. If you are storing a fridge, or washing machines, leave the door slightly open to prevent the appearance of mold. If you forget about this you will have lots of trouble cleaning it afterward.

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