Top 3 reasons why all the big companies rely on a 3PL

3PL, TPL or third-party logistics is a form of outsourcing certain elements of their businesses that many organizations do by hiring third-party logistics providers. These providers, such as shipping companies in Dammam, are specialists in warehousing and transportation. Their services can scale to the demands of the customer. They also often include value-added services that are specific to the goods production or procurement. There are 3 reasons why all the big companies rely on a 3PL and we are going to present them to you. 

The first of the 3 reasons why all the big companies rely on a 3PL is – Cost and time effectiveness 

What happens when one hires a professional to do the thing that they are experts in? They do it quickly and effectively. If the person had to do it on their own, it would have cost more.  Additionally, it would take longer and there would be a much greater risk of something going wrong. Logistics experts are exactly that – experts in the field of transportation and storage. The main reason why companies hire them, is that by having the experts handle this part of the process, they do not have to spend the company’s time. This allows them to focus on the things that they are experts in, while the logistics experts handle the transportation. 

3PL providers have their own network that provides them with greater geographical coverage range

The flexibility is the second reason

Third-party logistics providers are capable of a much greater range of distribution than any single company. Since this is their main field of interest, logistics professionals such as movers in Jeddah have been building their network and infrastructure towards expanding their geographical range as much as possible. That is why they are much more flexible than some company that produces car parts, for example. 

Saving them is one of the top 3 reasons why all the big companies rely on a 3PL
3PL providers save the clients their time as they do not have to deal with shipping themselves

One of the key traits that contributes to the flexibility of 3PL is something called zone skipping. When going the usual way, postal services or couriers usually count the distance when calculating the price of shipments. Majority of 3PL companies rely on zone skipping which basically shortens the distance between the shippers and the customers. This results in lower shipping costs, which is always a great thing. 

Using 3PL services provides focus to the company

The final of the 3 reasons why all the big companies rely on a 3PL is that using these services leaves the company free to focus on what is their core field of business. As the company continues to develop and advance, they will want to spend less and less time on processes that do not benefit their core business. By hiring third-person logistics providers, they do not have to spend their resources on these steps. Furthermore, many third-person logistics providers actually specialize in a certain industry. This has the added benefit as the goods are transported in the most efficient way possible.

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