Trending topics in the cold chain industry right now

The cold chain industry has come far from its humble beginnings in the mid-19th century with reefer ships and refrigerator cars. It is now a thriving industry that is constantly evolving. There is no doubt that supply chains are a vital part of the majority of businesses in the world today. And with its strict temperature requirements, ever more strict regulations. And energy dependence. It is a tough industry to be in. But also a very profitable one that is prospering. With new technologies constantly emerging and changing trends. There are always new ways to approach the industry and improve your business. Following the trends and adapting to constantly changing regulations and emerging technologies is the way to thrive in this industry. Our experienced national shipping company of Saudi Arabia will share some trending topics in the cold chain industry right now.

A bigger demand and focus on the quality of products

An emerging trend in the cold chain industry has been a strong demand for a higher quality product. The customers want their fruit to be fresh and of high quality. And to satisfy that demand you have to avoid the changes in taste and texture that happen when they go outside of their required temperatures. Especially for the premium products on the market. Of which there is more and more. With their shorter shelf life and higher sensitivity. They require even more care and rigorous quality control. And to ensure that one of the essential things to do is to make sure that you use a good climate-controlled warehouse in Saudi Arabia. Which can maintain the necessary temperatures without interruptions or fluctuations.

Red applies in a brown wooden bucket next to bananas
There is a growing demand for high-quality products, especially fruit


One of the biggest trending topics in the cold chain industry is stronger regulations

One of the biggest trends right now is the stricter regulations on all shipped products. Due to globalization and an increasing number of counterfeits. Both in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Has made governments increase and in some ways change regulations for production and supply chains. Which includes many new laws and regulations you should be aware of. Getting familiar with all these regulations. And getting a head start is a good way to improve your business. And making sure that you shockproof your supply chain. Due to all of these changing regulations manufacturers are also being more strict with their standards to avoid any problems with their cold chain. And also to be ready for any new regulations that will inevitably come in the future. That way they have a head start against the competition. Safety and quality are always a top priority and what all manufacturers strive for.

There is more outsourcing to 3PLs

There is a constantly growing demand for efficiency and transparency in the cold chain shipping process. Due to which 3PLs are always improving and upgrading their businesses with new technologies. Both to meet business standards but also, more importantly, to provide higher quality service. Which manufacturers recognize and want for their product. For those reasons outsourcing to third-party logistics has become a very common thing. And there is an ever-growing demand for professional cold chain logistics companies which can provide an efficient and reliable cold chain service. And some go even further and provide additional services. Which can make a big difference for manufacturers and substantially streamline the whole process. That is why outsourcing is a trending topic in the cold chain industry and is worth considering for your business.

Two men shaking hands
Third-party logistics are becoming a more and more attractive option to manufacturers


Technology is a big part of many trending topics in the cold chain industry

Everybody is striving towards more automation as it means increasing efficiency and productivity. And in many situations, it eliminates the possibility of human error. Therefore making the business itself more stable and reliable. It also cuts many costs as computers do a lot of the work. It will also make it much easier to adapt to fluctuations in the industry which are inevitable. And seeing all the benefits of supply chain automation more and more companies are striving towards integrating more automation and different technologies in their businesses. So there is no doubt that this is a strong trend that will change the cold chain industry in many ways. There are many different technologies. And ways in which they streamline and make everything easier. Here are some of them and the ways in which they are changing the industry.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have made a big difference when it comes to automation in the supply chain industry. Machine learning can process a huge amount of data, analyze patterns and follow procedures. And it will do all of that much faster and in a more efficient way than a human could. And also there is no possibility of errors like there is with people doing those complex calculations and processing data. There is no doubt that a higher level of efficiency can be achieved with AI and Machine Learning. And that it is a great way to improve your business. There are numerous improvements that one gets from using AI technologies. There are many things that are managed better and in a more efficient way. Some of them being:

  • Inventory management
  • Quality and safety
  • Cost efficiency
A man using 3 computers and researching trending topics in the cold chain industry
Make sure to get familiar with all the technological advances in the cold chain industry


IoT is another trending topic

Internet of things (IoT) is a relatively new technology that is rapidly advancing and is being integrated into the supply chain industry. It is a great way to streamline many processes and increase efficiency and transparency. It will help with managing inventory and stock better. And with tracking of the product transportation. For example GPS sensors on trucks and other vehicles. Sensors in warehouses and other places. One of the great things about IoT is that it can easily be integrated into your business. And it will certainly increase efficiency and help with tracking the trends in customer demands. So that you can respond appropriately in time to maximize profits. It will be even more efficient with the above-mentioned Machine Learning to process all that data.

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